Enys Guerrero

Meet Enys Guererro, featured artist from Dark Fantasy Special (57), and two of our Halloween Specials (41 and 80).

Since childhood, Enys Guerrero - who was born in Venezuela lives in Chile - has dedicated most of her time to the plastic arts. Her influences are faeries, mythological and magical beings and history – her favourite periods being Renaissance and the Victorian age. In time, Enys's illustrations were influenced by the mysticism of the gothic world, romanticism and tragedy. After being selected as a featured artist in the 2018 Halloween Special, Enys Guerrero has gained a following in the colouring world.

How long have you been illustrating and what made you start?
I have been drawing since I can remember, always putting my hands in some work related with the plastic arts, but I dedicated myself to professional illustration when I graduated as a Graphic designer at the age of 19. When I was a little girl was fascinated by the illustrations of the old books of my home, I dreamed to become a great artist, making my own books and telling my stories in them.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I could be inspired by so many things in just one day, with a song, a flower, a book or a personal experience; the Fairytales and the world of the occult is also a big source of inspiration to me.

Where is your favourite place to illustrate?
My room or as I like to call it “My little castle”

What are your illustrating/colouring material essentials?
I like to work with mixed media, like watercolours, coffee, colour pencils, inks, makers, pastel, acrylics, etc.

What’s the piece of work that you’re most proud of or enjoyed doing the most?
It’s hard to say, I love all my paintings, but to mention one, I’ll say the piece “Not Your Alice” a new one I just finished.

Artist's tip

- Practice on a separate piece of paper with the colours you have in mind for your colouring page; experiment until you define the final colour palette. - Start from the lighter tones, as they are easier to correct and gradually add the details with darker tones. - Have fun! There is no sense in painting if you are not enjoying it!

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