Jash Lee

Introducing Jash Lee, featured artist from Collection Chibi (22), Fantasy Princesses Special (61), A Colourful Adventure Storybook Special (76), and Gods and Goddesses Special (83).

Jash Lee De Jesus is a 23 year old illustrator from the Philippines. At around seven years old, Jash found a love of art and began creating simple anime work, practicing any time that he could, and now loves creating detailed artwork and illustrations. Having lost his parents when he was a child, his Grandmother raised him and was the one who inspired him and encouraged him to take his work further. Jash has been honing his professional illustrative skills since 2015.

How long have you been illustrating and what made you start?
I've been illustrating since I was a kid, just not that well. I love drawing anime characters, and making up my own characters. In 2012 I started drawing doodles, but not very detailed or conceptual ones. Just a name in the middle, surrounded by cute little and big monsters. In 2015 I started to improve my doodles until I saw Kerby Rosane's work. I just thought it was impossible for me to draw as well as them. So, I tried to copy some elements of his ideas, drawing animals and doodles. Now, I'm always practicing how to draw and playing with details that I really love.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I’ve been inspired by the works of Kerby, of course. The person that has really inspired me is my grandmother, who has sadly passed away. She was my number one fan, my mother and my father. She raised me in such amazing ways so I want to fulfil my promise to her – that I'll stand on my own someday. That's why I want to show them that I can do it in my own way.

Where is your favourite place to illustrate?
In my room where I can always focus on what I am doing. Sometimes I love to draw with my fellow artists here in the Philippines.

What are your illustrating/colouring material essentials?
I always use pencil, an eraser, and Uni Pin fine liners with different sized tips. I use pencil and an eraser for the sketch, then ink it with Uni Pin 0.2 tip size for the outline and finally a Uni Pin 0.05 tip size for the details.

What’s the piece of work that you’re most proud of or enjoyed doing the most?
The Colouring Heaven Fantasy Princesses book because it’s been my dream to have my very own colouring book. With those illustrations I got my very first book so I'm very happy and very very proud of it.

Designs coloured by: Paula O'Connor, Lisa Sturmey, Karen Valentine, Jaclyn Ng Markovic and Che Moral.

Artist's tip

I'm not good at colouring but all that I can say is, whatever it is that you want to do, just keep on practicing. Because by doing so you can improve and harness your talents – and surpass your limits. Try different styles – just keep doing what you want and what you love. No one can judge what you are and what you want to do.

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