Myka Jelina

Introducing Myka Jelina, featured artist from Gothic Fairies Special (45), and two of our Christmas Specials (55 and 81).

Myka, born in North Carolina, US, is a world renowned Fae and fantasy artists, appreciated and collected by art lovers world wide. Her paintings are easily recognised as eclectic, glossy-eyed beauties poised in intricate scenes of Gothic and classical adornment. Her art draws from the delicate relationship between light and darkness and adorns a whole host of products from statues and skateboards to perfume and pillows.

How long have you been illustrating and what made you start? 
1/ How long have you been illustrating and what made you start?  I've been creating art from my earliest memory, and started making a living from it around 1999. Commissioned work like sign painting for local businesses, logo work, murals etc.  In 2002 my paintings started selling on Ebay, eventually having my artworks licensed on products in places like Hot Topic, Target, Spencer Gifts etc.  It was wonderful exposure, I've been at it ever since. 

Where do you get your inspiration?
Inspiration comes from within, it's all internal. Life experience has been fuelling the fire for many years. Music & Art are real important to me and present themselves in every painting I create. My guitar is always near by...weeping gently.  The portfolio of art is a story of my life, an ongoing adventure that I will be adding to for many years to come.

Where is your favourite place to illustrate?
My studio loft. It's my gypsy tree house creation station in the sky. A sacred space which allows me to sink into a creative mind, unencumbered for hours. So, setting is very important to me, I do have favourite places to work, my easel when painting, even working on the bed when drawing, but what it really is, is a time to create.  It takes time to clear the mind.

What are your illustrating/colouring material essentials?
I am a painter, so all of my work starts on gessoed wood panels, acrylic paints, brushes and my easel. In the beginning I made my own panels and loved them, but don't really have the time to do that anymore. I usually draw the basic idea directly onto the panel, then paint right over it. These paintings tend to develop themselves, ever changing as they go, so I try to stay prepared.

What’s the piece of work that you’re most proud of or enjoyed doing the most? 
Oh that would be hard to choose, but I would say it is a tie between "Aria", "Remember Me" & "Rhianon". My life really spilled out into these paintings.

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