Christine Karron re-launches her Patreon page

Canadian illustrator and colouring artist Christine Karron has re-launched her Patreon page, where her Patrons can download a new and exclusive colouring page every month!

Christine Karron is the featured artist from our Woodland Fairies Special and Collection Rabbits issues. She creates beautiful fantasy illustrations and characters with a whimsical, narrative and humorous touch, and we just love colouring her designs! All of her illustrations are originally hand drawn with pencils on paper. 

Christine has been on Patreon since 2019, but she has recently re-launched her page with a commitment to sharing a free digital colouring page with her Patrons every month! The digital colouring page download will be available in grayscale and line art, PDF and JPEG format, so whatever kind of colouring you prefer, you’ll be happy.

The February page features a charming elf character, with beautiful little details to colour like butterflies and mushrooms.

The pages she’s sharing on Patreon will not be included in her next colouring book – instead, she is planning to create a separate colouring book full of Patreon images, exclusive to her Patron supporters.

Christine wants her Patreon to be affordable for everyone, so you can sign up for just $1 a month, though you can pay more if you’d like. You can also pay with any currency.

Take a look at Christine’s Patreon page here, and if you want to look at another fantastic artist with a Patreon page, you can learn about Heather R. Hitchman and Zoe Sadler Patreon pages too!

You can find out more about Christine and her work with Colouring Heaven here.

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