Colouring Heaven launches new video content

We are thrilled to let you know that we are launching our very own exclusive Colouring Heaven video content!

We really want you to be able to make the most out of your colouring, and while our magazines, our creative community, and our wonderful artists are all key to that, we felt there was something missing. So we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you that final piece of the puzzle – all the tips, tricks, and advice you need to reach your colouring goals.

We are going to be bringing you a new and exclusive video on our YouTube channel – Every. Single. Week. Get your teeth into each issue of Colouring Heaven and Colouring Heaven Collection by mastering the techniques specific to each issue, in our exclusive tutorials; admire and get inspired while you unwind with our amazing speed colourings; or join our very own Jenny and Honey at our monthly recording of The Colouring Heaven Show, where you can feel part of the team whilst also picking up impressive tips to improve your colouring. There’s something for everyone!

The best bit is – our first video is available to watch right now! You can go to the Colouring Heaven YouTube channel now to watch our first video – a fantastic tutorial from our new Colouring Heaven Fairytopia Special!

Q&A with Jenny and Honey about Colouring Heaven video

Our Creative Director, Jenny, and our Deputy Content Editor, Honey, will be starring in the new Colouring Heaven video content – and they’re here to answer a few questions about our new videos!

Why were you inspired to start making video content for Colouring Heaven?

We have always wanted to make Colouring Heaven the best colouring resource in the world – we’re already the best-selling colouring magazine brand in the world – so video felt like the natural next step to reach that goal. We already produce the material to colour, provide our colourists with tips, tricks and news on our website and have built a community on our social channels. But, what was missing was showing you how to colour in the best way possible – which is via video!

What kind of videos will you be making?

We’ll be making tutorials, speed colour videos, and videos for The Colouring Heaven Show. We’ll release two tutorials a month using the new Colouring Heaven Special and Colouring Heaven Collection issues, two speed colour videos (showing our artist colouring an entire colouring page) plus a new episode of The Colouring Heaven Show each month too. The videos in The Colouring Heaven Show will differ – sometimes we (Jenny and Honey) will be taking part in colouring challenges, sometimes Jen will show Honey how to colour something new, or something completely different! We’re really open to hearing your suggestions for topics to cover, so do reach out to us if you have any suggestions!

Will videos relate to new issues coming out?

Yes! We will be using the new Colouring Heaven Special and Colouring Heaven Collection issues when we make our tutorials and speed colour videos – so the content will always be relevant and up-to-date with the issues arriving through your door! (If you’re a Colouring Heaven Plus member, that is!)

What’s your favourite part of making the videos so far?

Honey says: I love that it’s something totally new! We haven’t done anything like this before so we are learning so much, which I always enjoy. It gets us into a new setting (physically and mentally) and allows us to flex our creative muscles in a whole new way – all whilst doing lots of colouring (which is always a win!).

Jenny says: Making videos rather than magazines has been a huge learning curve and the whole process – from researching what kit we needed, to setting up the studio, to the editing process – has been really exciting.

What are your goals for this new video project?

We want to provide our colourists with the best colouring related video content out there – to ensure that whenever one of our colourists thinks “Hmm, how do I do this?” They can head straight to our YouTube channel and have the question answered.

How can I get early access to Colouring Heaven videos?

Great question! You can get exclusive early access to all of the videos on the Colouring Heaven Youtube Channel by becoming a member of Colouring Heaven Plus! Keep reading or watch the video below for more info…

Video early access with Colouring Heaven Plus

Our exciting video content will also form a new Colouring Heaven Plus member benefit – our loyal members will receive exclusive access to all our videos a whole week before they’re released to the general public, meaning you can really get ahead and perfect your techniques. You’ll also be able to find links to all our past videos in your membership account, as well as dates for our upcoming videos.

Want to unlock early access to Colouring Heaven videos every week? Become a Plus member here.

We really hope you love the new video content from Colouring Heaven. We are so excited to be bringing you top quality colouring content, from amazing tutorials, to brilliant speed colourings, to fun segments with Jenny and Honey so you can learn more about Colouring Heaven and our team. Don’t forget you can watch our first video here, subscribe to our YouTube channel here, and sign up to become a member of Colouring Heaven Plus here to get early access to our videos every week.

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