Get organised with the help from Dea Lenihan’s new planner

For many, the New Year is the perfect time to start afresh, kickstart our goals and get planning for the rest of the year, although, let’s be honest some of these may be getting delayed due to COVID restrictions. So, if you are someone who has put off making plans or setting goals so far, with Dea’s beautiful new organiser you may be convinced otherwise. 

If perhaps your the arty type who tends to make notes when they come to you on any material closest to you at the time, Dea invites you to use her organiser ‘rather than the usual napkins and receipts’. The organiser is called ‘I’m a Writer’ and is 28 Week Writer’s Planner which is spiral bound and is structured to help keep you motivated! You can pre-order it over on Etsy and is £26.46.

The planner has some great features, which include; an area to set goals: three writing focuses for the week, numbered boxes for your week’s action steps based on your writing focus. There’s also a weekly calendar where you can enter in any important dates, deadlines and events as well as an ‘Idea Catcher Page’ and a ‘Brainstorming page’ to help you jot down those eureka moments. It also has a useful index to put down last-minute dates along with uplifting and motivational quotes to help you keep at your A-game.

Planner sample

While Dea’s organiser is aimed at authors we honestly believe it can work for everyone who is out to make some new ambitions happen this year, whether that’s creating your own colouring pages or starting a small side hustle! 

Find out more about Dea here.

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