What is Diamond Art Club, and how can you get started?

Diamond art painting is the trending creative hobby that everyone’s talking about, but what does it actually involve? What is Diamond Art Club, and how can you get started?

What is diamond art painting?

Diamond art painting – also known as diamond painting, crystal art and crystal painting – is a relaxing and mindful creative hobby that involves sticking diamond jewels onto a pattern to look like a mosaic. The patterns and diamonds come together in kits, similar to a paint-by-numbers set, and you can buy designs from all your favourite artists!

As diamond art is fun, accessible and relaxing, it has quickly become popular with colourists and other creative folk of all ages. Plus the finished pieces are glittery and beautiful, and very satisfying to look at!

What is Diamond Art Club?

Diamond Art Club is where you can buy hundreds of amazing diamond art kits, which include everything you need to get started with your new creative hobby! They make the best quality diamond art kits – including unique designs, soft canvases, and paintings that are made to last.

Just like colouring, artist copyright theft can be common with diamond art painting, which is why we always advise ordering your kits from a reputable source like Diamond Art Club, who work directly with brands and artists to offer such an incredible and varied range of designs.

You can even follow their super easy step-by-step instructions to get started with diamond art!

Examples of diamond art from Diamond Art Club

How do you create diamond art?

It’s super simple – just like a paint-by-numbers page, you can follow the instructions included with your kit. Stick your diamond jewels in their designated places, and slowly but surely a beautiful design will come together!

Why do people enjoy diamond art painting?

Just like colouring, many people say that diamond art can be relaxing, and help to soothe things like stress and anxiety. You may especially enjoy diamond art if you struggle with your mental health, as the activity is meditative and peaceful.

You can also get involved in the hobby even if you’re not particularly creative, because the paint-by-numbers style of diamond art kits mean you’re guaranteed to produce a beautiful piece of artwork at the end.

There’s also some evidence that diamond art painting can improve your hand-eye coordination and keeps your brain, fingers and eyes happy and healthy!

What do you do when you’re finished?

When you’ve finished your beautiful piece of diamond art, why not frame it and hang it up around your home? Or diamond artwork can make a lovely gift for family and friends.

Some people like to seal their diamond art after finishing, so the beads hold together and last for longer. But do be aware that this isn’t recommended by Diamond Art Club, and will void your warranty with any of their kits.

What artists can I find on Diamond Art Club?

Some of our all-time favourite artists are selling kits through Diamond Art Club – from the cutesy designs of Hannah Lynn, to the gorgeous high fantasy artwork of Christine Karron, to the epicly gothic designs of Enys Guerrero. There really is something for everyone, and you can find lots of artists and designs to love!

Let’s take a look at some familiar names selling stunning diamond painting kits through Diamond Art Club…

Plus there are lots more fun and fantastic diamond art kits to discover, including designs from popular brands like Scooby Doo, Friends, and Betty Boop.

Examples of diamond art from Diamond Art Club

How much are diamond art kits?

The Diamond Art Club kits vary in size and complexity, and therefore also in price. Some of the smaller and more simple designs can start from just £21 with everything you need included in the kit, while more complex designs can cost anywhere up to £100.

Be aware that some smaller designs with less diamonds may appear “pixelated” or low resolution – this is because the design is not big enough to get the level of detail in the original picture. This may be something you want to think about when making a diamond art purchase.

That’s our ultimate guide to diamond art painting and Diamond Art Club. Hopefully we’ve answered all your questions about what diamond art is, how you can get started, and why people enjoy this new creative hobby!

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