Elisabeth Alba completes Owl Tarot deck

Featured artist from our Witches Special, Elisabeth Alba, has revealed that she has completed a full 79 piece tarot deck, which she calls an ‘Owl Tarot’.

While Elisabeth is keeping her cards close to her chest (literally, in this case!) by blurring the finished drawings, we know that she used watercolor and Acryla gouache paints to complete the pieces.

Posting on Facebook, Elisabeth said: ‘The Owl Tarot is complete!!! 79 watercolor and acryla gouache paintings finished, most within 2021 (blurred to prevent too much spoilage of the deck!) Huzzah!!!! Now I can kick back and relax(ish) for two months before baby Frodo comes along in March! AHHH!!!!!!!’

On Instagram, Elisabeth also revealed that the tarot deck is written by Pamela Chen and will be published in 2023 by LlewellynBooks.

She also confirmed that ‘Frodo’ is not the real name of her unborn baby – we’ll have to wait to hear more about that too!

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