Fabiana Trere releases new content

Fabiana Trere, featured artist of our Colouring Heaven Collection Costume issue and Colouring Heaven World of Princesses Special, has released brand new content on her Etsy store and her Redbubble store.

Firstly on her Etsy store, Fabiana has released a beautiful design which features a portrait of a girl with a large elaborate headpiece, long hair and gorgeous floral embellishments.

The design costs £2.90 and is delivered as a digital download with four versions included. There is a black line art version, a sepia line art version, a light greyscale version and a sepia shaded version.

Fabiana trere new design

Fabiana has also released a new version of her Morrigan design, which features the portrait of a woman surrounded by Raven birds. This design costs £2.90 and is also delivered as a digital download including two versions a black line art version and a light greyscale version.

Additionally, Fabiana has released gothic ouija planchette merchandise on her Redbubble store.  The merchandise includes face masks, tote bags, tshirts, aprons, notebooks and more! Check them out here. Scroll through the Instagram post below to see examples of the different merchandise on sale.

Fabiana has also started a new Facebook group where you can share your Fabiana Trere colouring and get inspiration from others. Fabiana will also be releasing an occasional freebie in the group! You can join here.

You can find out more about Fabiana Trere here. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with the colouring world.

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