Five ways to feel more festive than Mariah Carey

Seriously, what is better than that festive feeling you get during the build up to Christmas? Festive shopping, present wrapping, Christmas crafting, and plenty of chocolate – there really is nothing quite like December.

But don’t let all the excitement distract you from those little added touches that make Christmas Day even more magical (yes, that is possible!). The UK’s leading family-friendly retailer, The Works, has pulled together a list of those all-important details that must not be missed before the big day arrives.

Craft Scissors - 3 Pack from The Works

Personalised name tags

Whether you’re a big family, or not, the last thing you want when getting ready to sit down to tuck into some Turkey is squabbles about whose seat is whose. Spend a little bit of time during the run up to Christmas creating your very own personalised name tags – that will sit beautifully on your table.

What you’ll need:

Mega Fidget Fun Box from The Works

Table presents for Christmas dinner

There really is nothing like a little light-hearted entertainment at the dinner table whilst you wait for pudding. If your family is filled with stomach growlers that can’t stop fidgeting when food is on their mind, then this is for you.

The Mega Fidget Fun Box (£15) is the perfect addition to your Christmas Day set-up. Whack a few of these out on the table for your little ones and nobody will even look up to notice your potential last-minute dessert dilemma. Result!

To keep the adults of the family distracted, little gifts such as silly headbands, festive glasses and festive reusable bottles are sure to keep everyone occupied whilst you get the finishing touches together.

Premium Dog Christmas Cards - Pack of 10 from The Works

Christmas cards

Show your loved ones you really care by getting crafty this Christmas. There’s no need to waste money on expensive cards, covered in plastic, when you can do your bit for the planet (and pocket) by pulling together your very own.

Use different patterns, colours, and textures – combined with a personalised and thoughtful message – to create a keepsake your family members will be sure to hold onto for years to come. Or if not, at least you’ll have had fun making them.

But fear not if you don’t have the time to make your own (too much wrapping still left to do? We feel you) The Works has a huge range of Christmas cards, with zero plastic packaging and even biodegradable glitter. Pretty and planet friend, YES! Check out these range of cards featuring choir singers, cosy cats, and festive dogs.

What you’ll need:

Elf Monopoly Board Game from The Works

Fun family games

Once dinner has settled and you’re sat in the living room with your family, you’re going to want a good game to get stuck into. Whether you fancy something that is going to put your knowledge to the test, or maybe one where the only thing being tested is patience (and maybe the strength of relationships). Get ahead of the crowd and grab yours whilst you can – giving you a good selection way ahead of the big day!

Glow In The Dark Solar System Kit from The Works

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is an especially good idea for big families looking to keep costs down, or even for those looking for a bit of fun once the food is done. Set a budget and pull together a hat of names to begin (here’s hoping you don’t get that distant relative you don’t know too well). The Works has a brilliant selection of products that make the ideal gifts when it comes to nailing secret Santa. From games, to books, and even musical instruments there is plenty of choice to give even Santa a run for his money.

So, what are you waiting for?! There are so many ways to fill the festive season with extra magic for you and your family and plenty of new traditions to create. The hardest part will be finding enough time to do them all.

For more information on The Works and its fantastic range of Christmas products visit here.

For lots of fun festive activities to get up to this month, take a look at this Christmas crafting guide from The Works!

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