Hanna Karlzon to release new colouring book in English

Great news for all Hanna Karlzon fans, as the Swedish artist makes plans to release her latest colouring book in Engish. Hanna was featured in our Dreamtime Special and has always had a passion for drawing and creating. She is heavily influenced by nature and likes to portray dreamlike scenes in her works.

Over the past few years, Hanna has released several colouring books that have enjoyed great success around the world, where it is evident she takes inspiration from historic fashion, art and design, with her drawings depicting magical and strong characters and also include jewellery, flowers and animals.

In 2020, despite a global pandemic, Hanna released not one, but two colouring books – ‘Berättelser från midnattsmaskeraden’ and ‘Guldkorn’! Guldkorn means “Grains of gold” and was released in September last year which is expected to be available in English in August 2021 by Gibbs Smith. We will be able to purchase the colouring book from Bookdepository and Amazon. Guldkorn is a mixture of some of Hanna’s favourite illustrations and popular works by her huge Instagram following, not to mention that the 96-page book contains eleven completely new illustrations.

You can learn more about Hanna here, or follow her updates over on Facebook. To watch a flip through of this stunning book check out her Instagram highlight here.

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