Hanna Karlzon reveals new book cover and title!

We’ve been waiting for Hanna Karlzon to announce the theme and title for her new book and it’s finally here! You may have seen our post about her initial announcement and sneak peek of the book here. We’re so excited that the book cover, magical theme and title have now been made public! Hannah was the featured artist of the Colouring Heaven Dreamtime Special and we love her intricate and whimsical designs.

The book is called ‘Tales from the witch’s cottage’ and will be the third in the  “Berättelser från…/Tales from…” series. Enter into this magical world and explore a witchy world of potions, nature and enchanted creatures. We love the sound of this unique and bewitching book and can’t wait to bring the witch and all her friends to life with colouring!

The witch colouring book will be available to purchase in Sweden this September but don’t worry if you’re not in Sweden, as her books are available for the rest of the world a few months after the Swedish release!

If you can’t wait to get your hands on one of her books, we’d recommend getting a copy of the Colouring Heaven 2021 Annual, featuring designs from Hanna’s Dreamtime Special issue! Get your copy today here. You could also check out the first two books in the ‘Tales From…’ series. ‘Tales from the Forest Kingdom’ and ‘Tales from the Midnight Masquerade’ enter into different magical and unique worlds for you to explore. You can get them on Amazon.

Hanna Karlzon has definitely had a busy year, with new release after new release! That is perfect for us though, as there are more exciting designs and stories for us to enjoy and bring to life. We can’t wait to find out what is coming next from Hanna!
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