Hannah Lynn experiments with greyscale designs

Colourists often have very different opinions on greyscale designs for colouring – some people love the challenge, while others prefer simple shapes and lines. One of our favourite colouring artists, Hannah Lynn, has started experimenting with greyscale designs to see how her audience responds to them – and we’re so interested to see the results!

We love Hannah’s design and have featured her in lots of issues of Colouring Heaven, including our recent Christmas and Halloween Specials. Her style is perfect for colouring, and also very popular with our colouring community!

Hannah has been documenting her journey experimenting with greyscale designs on her Facebook page – asking her followers whether they are “yay or nay” for greyscale!

Hannah Lynn experiments with greyscale designs Colouring Heaven colouring news

She posted, “I pencil shaded this one from line work from start to finish. Is this more what you are looking for in a greyscale coloring page?”

“This is basically how I would lean with my personal style shading from the line work up, rather than taking a colored piece and turning it greyscale (I will still go back and use some of my older pieces and release in a “best of” greyscale to begin, but not all pieces are suitable because they are too colored in and/or too dark).”

Hannah is planning a “Hannah Lynn Early Works Greyscale Collection” featuring some of her older designs, as well as working on new designs created with greyscale in mind.

If you are a fan of the greyscale designs, Hannah has made this page available on her Patreon, for patrons $4.99 or above.

Want to experiment with some greyscale designs? We have four greyscale free colouring pages available here – just enter your email address, download, and start colouring! Then check out our ultimate guide to how to colour greyscale.

Hannah is featured in our most recent Colouring Heaven Christmas Special issue, which you can order here. Find out more about Hannah’s work with Colouring Heaven here.


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