Hannah Lynn auctioning original sketches

This auction is now closed, but you can find Hannah’s work in our our recent Christmas and Halloween Special issues.

One of our favourite featured artists, Hannah Lynn, is running a Facebook event to auction off some of her original sketches! We’ve featured Hannah in a number of issues of Colouring Heaven, including our Steampunk, Fairytale and Cutesy Christmas Specials.

With over 100 sketches that need new homes, this is a unique opportunity to get your hands on an original sketch lined by Hannah herself. As they are all “working sketches”, you’ll see every smudge, line and detail that eventually formed the final design! However, all the designs have been sprayed with a protective fixative to preserve their hand drawn beauty. Although generally considered a “work in progress”, the roughness of an original sketch gives it extra charm and uniqueness, and they can look lovely framed and on display.

The bidding began on the 10th September – and hurry, you only have until the 22nd to get your bid in! To place a bid, simply comment your amount on the corresponding photo of the sketch you want to own anytime during the active bidding period as described above – and be aware that bidding starts from $30 and must increase by $1 minimum at a time. There are so many gorgeous sketches available to buy, so you’re sure to find one you love!

We love how you can see the comparison between Hannah’s original designs and the final illustrations – you might even spy a few designs from our Colouring Heaven issues, as well as illustrations from her own colouring books and other exciting projects.

Although Hannah has featured in a number of issues of Colouring Heaven, many of them were extremely popular and now sold out! But if you’re already feeling the festive spirit, you can grab a copy of the Cutesy Christmas Special here.

Find out more about Hannah Lynn here.

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