How to celebrate MerMay with Colouring Heaven

May is upon us, and for colourists and creative folk around the world, that means one thing – MerMay! MerMay is a daily drawing or colouring challenge created by Tom Bancroft and Whitney Pollett, and it’s our annual celebration for all things mermaids! It’s the perfect opportunity to dive into some magical mermaid colouring pages from Colouring Heaven

This year, we’re celebrating MerMay by offering 40% off our wonderful Mermaids Compendium issue, as well as giving you a free mermaid themed colour in bookmark designs to colour this month!

MerMay mermaid colour in bookmark colouring page

Free mermaid colouring pages

As well as the free mermaid themed bookmark designs, we have SEVEN free mermaid colouring pages for you to colour this month – we’ve got your MerMay colouring sorted!

Six mermaid free colouring pages

Mermaid colouring challenge

We love MerMay colouring so much, we designed a mermaid colouring challenge around it!

In this Colouring Heaven video from last year, Jenny and Honey take on some colouring challenges inspired by MerMay. And each challenge is only 5 minutes long!

Everyone can find time for 5 minutes of colouring, so why not get involved with these challenges on the free mermaid colouring page (or a page of your own choosing), and let us know how you get on?

Find out more about the 5 minute mermaid colouring challenge, or take a look below to watch The Colouring Heaven Show where Jenny and Honey take on the challenge themselves!

Learn how to colour a mermaid

We have some brilliant colouring tutorials to share with you this MerMay that will really help with your mermaid colouring. Why not take advantage of this daily challenge to improve your skills and take your colouring to the next level?

First up, learn how to colour a mermaid with this super helpful tutorial on our website. Learn how to colour a mermaid’s hair, tail, skin and more, and create the stunning mermaid figures of your dreams!

Once your mermaids are looking beautiful, turn your attention to your background and watch our new video tutorial about how to colour water. Including bubbles, ripples, deep water and shafts of light, you can learn how to create a realistic underwater background for your mermaid colouring pages.

We would also recommend taking a look at our how to colour guides for adding glitter to your colouring pages, achieving realism with your colouring, and using watercolour pencils for an authentic under the sea look.

Finish off with our guide about how to take pictures of your colouring pages and share them with us on Facebook and Instagram!

Watch an inspiring speed colouring

For perfect mermaid colouring inspiration, take a look at our stunning speed colour video from colouring pencil artist Jo Barber. She colours a beautiful page from our Mermaids Special!

Colour along to a mermaid playlist

To accompany your mermaid colouring, you can now listen along to our official Colouring Heaven MerMay playlist! Featuring lots of fun and soothing mermaid inspired music.

From classics like The Little Mermaid to modern melodies like Ed Sheeran’s Tenerife Sea, all of the songs in this playlist have an ocean theme to keep you colouring all MerMay long. Over an hour and a half of mermaid music!

Mermaid colouring pages

Don’t forget, if you haven’t ordered your issue already, you can grab a copy of our Colouring Heaven Presents Mermaids Compendium issue with 40% off, for all the best mermaid colouring pages from Colouring Heaven!

So there it is – mermaid colouring and inspiration to keep you going for the whole month of May! We can’t wait to see your MerMay colouring pages and keep celebrating mermaids with you all month long.

Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram because we’ll be sharing mermaid colouring every single week, check out our YouTube channel for lots of amazing colouring tutorials and tips, and download all your free colouring pages here.

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