A guide to colouring birds

Birds are a fun feathered colouring opportunity, allowing us to practice some challenging techniques. We’re bringing you our guide to colouring birds, to celebrate our new Colouring Heaven Collection Birds issue. Colour all your favourites, from the feathered finch to the elegant owl!

These beautiful birds are brought to life by Coco Wyo, in these 48 bird colouring pages.

Colouring Heaven Collection Birds

Want to try our Birds issue before you buy? Download a free birds colouring page.

How to choose colours for your birds

Birds come in all kinds of weird and wonderful colours – from bright and beautiful to subtle and sneaky.

You may find it helpful to research the bird you are colouring, and try and replicate their natural colours in the wild. Or you could let your imagination run wild – and choose whatever colours you like!

You can also use our colour palette challenges for inspiration, or read our guide on how to choose a colour scheme for your colouring page.

Research your bird colouring page

If you want your colouring to be accurate, give your chosen bird a quick Google, and have a browse through the images.

You can use sites like Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay for royalty free images you can use for reference.

Colouring techniques, tips and tricks

Here are some videos from the Colouring Heaven YouTube channel to help you colour your bird colouring pages.

Most importantly, you’ll need to learn all about how to colour feathers, in this extensive tutorial video:

Your birds may be soaring through a beautiful sky, so don’t miss all our top tips and tricks about how to colour sky and clouds:

And if your bird is taking a perch on a tree or branch, give this tutorial video a watch:

Bird colouring pages

Now that you’ve picked up some colouring tips and tricks, it’s time to start colouring some birds! If you love birds and colouring, you need to get a copy of our Colouring Heaven Collection Birds issue, for lots of beautiful bird colouring pages.

Colouring pages from Colouring Heaven Collection Birds

Images from Collection Birds.

Have fun!

With colouring in general and especially with colouring these beautiful birds, there are no rules! Be sure to have fun with your colouring and allow yourself room to explore and get creative with it. We love seeing all of your amazing colouring and can’t wait to see what you make!

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