A guide to colouring dinosaurs

We love dinosaur colouring pages, and we especially love our new Colouring Heaven Collection Dinosaurs issue, which combines fun educational facts with scientifically accurate paleoart of dinosaurs. Colour all your favourites like the T-Rex and the Velociraptor, plus discover lots of dinos you’ve probably never heard of, and learn about when they lived, what they ate and how big they were!

These beautiful creatures are brought to life by Ukrainian Paleoartist Sergey Krasovskiy, in these 48 dinosaur colouring pages.

Colouring Heaven Collection Dinosaurs

Want to try our Dinosaurs issue before you buy? Download a free dinosaurs colouring page.

Now let’s dive in to how to colour dinosaurs!

How to choose colours for your dinosaur colouring

While we imagine dinosaurs to mostly be muted tones of brown and green, we really don’t have any idea of what these mysterious creatures looked like – so feel free to use your imagination!

Think about whether your dinosaur is going to blend into their environment to hide from their prey, or whether they’re going to be big, bold and scary.

You can also use our colour palette challenges for inspiration, or read our guide on how to choose a colour scheme for your colouring page.

Research your dinosaur colouring page

If you want your colouring to be scientifically accurate, why not research your dinosaur colouring pages on the National History Museum website, to learn as much as possible before you start colouring?

You can learn about when your dinosaur lived and what they liked to eat, as well as what kind of environments they could be found in. Use this to inform and inspire your dinosaur colouring page!

Colouring techniques, tips and tricks

Here are some videos from the Colouring Heaven YouTube channel to help you colour your dinosaur colouring pages.

Firstly, your magnificent dinosaurs are sure to cast some shadows, so have a watch of the tutorial below to learn all about adding shadows to backgrounds.

Working on a dinosaur colouring page from our Colouring Heaven Collection Dinosaurs issue, Jenny explores how to colour a beautiful sky, whether blue and cloudy or dark and moody.

Plus, if you want to colour some furry or feathery dinosaur colouring pages…

How to colour dinosaur teeth

Colouring teeth can be difficult – but it’s unavoidable when you’re colouring dinosaurs, as their jaws are full of sharp teeth!

While we think of teeth as white, your dinosaur is likely to have more yellowed and discoloured teeth. You’ll want to work with a really sharp pencil to perfect the details, and keep your colouring very light with as few layers as possible.

You can use a colouring pencil technique called burnishing to give your dinosaur’s teeth a shiny and realistic texture.

Dinosaur colouring pages

Now that you’ve picked up some colouring tips and tricks, it’s time to start colouring dinosaurs! If you love dinosaurs and colouring, you need to get a copy of our Colouring Heaven Collection Dinosaurs issue, for all the best and scientifically accurate dinosaur colouring pages.

Images from Collection Dinosaurs.

Have fun!

With colouring in general and especially with colouring these long-extinct creatures, there are no rules! Be sure to have fun with your colouring and allow yourself room to explore and get creative with it. We love seeing all of your amazing colouring and can’t wait to see what you make!

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