A guide to colouring fairies

We love colouring fairies, elves and pixies of all varieties, as they offer lots of fun, creativity and challenges! As we enter Faebruary, this is the perfect time to read our ultimate guide on how to colour fairies.

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How to choose your colours

Fairies are often associated with light pastels, pinks and purples. But you can choose whatever colours you like for your fairy folk. We recommend choosing your colours before you start colouring – you can use our colour palette challenges for inspiration, or read our guide on how to choose a colour scheme for your colouring page.

Skin tones

You are definitely going to need to colour some fairy skin – why not try something new with our colouring tutorial for how to colour fairy skin like Christine Karron?

Alternatively, we also have some video tutorial about how to colour fair skin and how to colour dark skin, if you want your fairy to have a more realistic skin complexion.

How to colour fairy hair

Beautiful flowing locks of hair are a really challenging colouring project – but essential for a beautiful fairy figure! When colouring hair, it’s important to be fluid with your markings to replicate the flowing nature of hair.

We also have a wonderful video tutorial about how to colour hair.

How to colour fairy wings

For fairy wings, you want to go for a beautiful and slightly transparent sparkly effect. You might even like to add a rainbow shimmer! We have an in depth tutorial all about how to colour fairy wings with a rainbow shimmer, by our colouring pencil artist Jo Barber.

Add some glitter

You can never have too much glitter when it comes to colouring fairies and other magical creatures! Check out this tutorial for how to add glitter and sparkle to your colouring pages.

Fairy colouring pages

Now that you have some tips and techniques to practice, it’s time to start colouring some fairies! We have some absolutely stunning issues of Colouring Heaven for fabulous fairy colouring opportunities. Here are our favourite issues of Colouring Heaven for magical fairy colouring pages…

Let’s start with our new Fledgling Fairies Special featuring delicate and dainty fairies by Christine Karon.

We’re also still totally in love with our Fairytopia Special, with stunning and iconic colouring designs by Mystic Art Mirrors!

Some of our other gorgeous Special issues featuring fairies include our Fairies in Nature Special, our Nouveau Fairies Special, and our classic Fairies Special.

We also have two lovely Junior issues with a fairy theme – these issues are great for kids, beginners, or anyone who’s interested in more relaxing and mindful colouring. Take a look at our Flower Sprites and Fairies & Friends issues.

For the ultimate roundup of all our favourite fairy designs from issues of Colouring Heaven, take a look at our Fairies Compendium issue!

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Fairy colouring pages

Designs from Colouring Heaven Fledgling Fairies Special, Fairytopia Special, Nouveau Fairies Special and Junior Flower Sprites.

Have fun!

As always with colouring, there are no rules and the most important thing is to have fun. Experiment, try new things, and enjoy yourself! We love seeing all of your amazing colouring and can’t wait to see what you make!

If you like our how to colour guides, check out our guide on how to colour dragons, how to colour mermaids and how to colour a unicorn.

Coloured a beautiful page and want to share it with your friends and family? Take a look at this article about how to photograph colouring pages.

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