How to add glitter to your colouring pages

In one of our most popular episodes of The Colouring Heaven Show, Jenny and Honey explore lots of fun and fabulous ways to add sparkle and glitter to your colouring pages! In honour of this sparkly episode, let’s delve into all the weird and wonderful ways to use glitter, sparkles, sequins, shimmers and shines when colouring.

Make a plan

We always love a plan here at Colouring Heaven, but when you’re working with glitter, planning is essential! For example, you’re probably going to want to put some newspaper or a disposable tablecloth down, to make it easier to tidy up the glitter afterwards.

It’s also a good idea to have a plan for what colours you want to use and which types of glittery materials you want to use – more on that in the next section! Depending on what you choose, you may only want to add glitter to some parts of your colouring, or on top of a base layer of pencil or marker.

What materials do I use for glitter?

There are lots of options out there for adding glitter to paper, but it ultimately comes down to two things: something glittery and something sticky.

For example, you might use sequins or glitter with some PVA glue, or you could find a product that combines the two, like glitter glue.

In this video, Jenny and Honey experiment with eight different ways to add glitter to your colouring pages, from a traditional glitter and glue combination, to metallic watercolour paints, shaved ice, and glittery gel pens!

It’s important to note that glitter can come in all shapes and sizes – from the small and subtle, to the big and brilliant! Different kinds of glitter will work well for different colouring designs, so take some time to think about what would work best for you.

Colouring pages for glitter

As Colouring Heaven is based around fantasy themes you’ll be hard pressed to find an issue that doesn’t have designs that wouldn’t benefit from a bit of added sparkle! Try these magical issues for some gorgeous designs perfect for glitter, sparkle and shimmer…

Follow in the footsteps of Jenny and Honey and add a glittery shimmer to some mermaid tails in our new Colouring Heaven Mermaids Special.

Of course, when you think of glitter, you think of magic! The designs in our Colouring Heaven Junior Fairies & Friends issue provide a perfect opportunity for some sparkle.

Similarly, our Colouring Heaven Presents Fairies Compendium is full of magical fairy pages!

While we’re on a fairy tangent, you can also take a look at our Fairytopia Special, our Fairy Stories Special, and our Fairies Special.

But it’s not just fairies who can benefit from some glittery details – the unicorns in our Colouring Heaven Unicorns Special would definitely appreciate some sparkle too!

Finally, we think both our Starry Night Special and Zodiac Special provide wonderful opportunities for some celestial designs with a hint of glitter.

Examples of colouring pages from Colouring Heaven.

Left to right: #87 Mermaids Special, #01 Fairies Compendium, #02 Junior Fairies & Friends, #86 Starry Night Special.

Have fun!

Be sure to have fun with your glittery colouring pages and allow yourself room to explore and get creative with it. We love seeing all of your amazing colouring and can’t wait to see what you make!

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