How to colour a Christmas tree

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we’re kicking off our Christmas Colour-A-Thon with a timely tutorial all about how to colour a Christmas tree! From shading secrets to festive finishes, grab your colouring pencils and a Christmas colouring page and let’s jump in!

If you’re new to colouring, take a moment to read our how to colour guide for beginners, which contains lots of handy tips and resources.

How to colour Christmas tree texture

The most important part of your beautiful Christmas tree is the shaggy texture that will form the base of your tree.

This texture is similar to that of a Christmas wreath – check out the video below for our top tips to colour a wreath.

Just like colouring a wreath, you want to start with a base colour on medium pressure and get a nice leafy green all over your tree.

To create a Christmas tree texture, draw in flicking motions up and down to create a texture that looks like layered branches, using lighter and darker pressure to imply shadows and highlights.

Christmas tree texture

With a dark and sharply pointed pencil, you can add in firm, green strokes and feather them so they look like the natural pine needles of Christmas trees. Extra shading and layering of different shades of green will help to bring your Christmas tree to life!

Christmas tree texture

Choose a festive colour scheme

Just like decorating a real tree, you’ll need to choose a beautiful festive colour scheme for your Christmas tree colouring page! Take a look at our colour palette challenges for lots of fun and varied inspiration, or go for some classic combinations like red and green, blue and silver, or glittery gold.

How to colour a bauble

The secret to colouring a bauble is to know the techniques to colour a smooth, shiny ball.

We have some really brilliant tips for this in our blending tutorial, but the key is building layers slowly, leaving an off-centre highlight and gradually darkening the colours around it. You can even use a burnishing technique to create a smooth finish like a shiny bauble.

blending step 8

Because baubles are so shiny and usually slightly metallic, even dark colours like red or green will have almost bright white highlights – so don’t go too dark too soon!

Don’t miss our next Christmas Colour-A-Thon tutorial, which will give you a more in depth guide of how to colour a bauble!

We hope this festive tutorial has taught you everything you need to know about how to colour a Christmas tree!

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