Pens and marker brands

Water-based markers

Tombow Dual Brushpens
These are a top of the range water-based pen. They come at a high price point but they are versatile markers. You are able to blend this much more than most other water-based markers, though your result won’t be as smooth as an alcohol marker.

docrafts Artiste Watercolour Dual-Tip Pens
These pens are dual tipped with a bullet nib and a brush nib. The brush nib is very thin which is great for letting you get into the small nooks and crannies of colouring pages.

BIC Conte Colouring Pens
These are a budget option but they still perform well. They have a bullet nib, which may be an issue if you prefer a softer nib but they don’t feather or pill after you go over the same area a couple of times. 

Alcohol-based markers

Copic markers
Copic markers are widely known as the best alcohol markers on the market. Their smooth blending abilities are second to none and there is a huge range of colours available. These pens are refillable but do come at a premium cost.

Spectrum Noir markers
As with most alcohol markers these can be a little pricey, but they are worth it for the quality of marker you get. They are refillable and you can buy replaceable nibs. These markers give smooth colour and have a large range of colours available.

Chameleon markers
Chameleon are a unique marker because the pens have their own mixing chamber which allows you to mix different shades. This means the colours available are more limited than other brands as you can mix your own. These pens can take some getting used to as they work differently to other brands.

Blending markers

Blending markers are a versatile tool and worth having in your collection. They can be used to clean up the edges of your colouring, to create highlights, to lighten areas, add texture, blend from white to a colour and to wet an area before colouring. So a pretty versatile tool!

Promarker blender
This blender comes in the Set 1 pack and has one fine nib and one chisel nib. This blender isn’t refillable.

Copic blender
This blender is available open stock and is refillable so is one of the more economical choices. It has the name nibs as a Copic sketch marker and has three different nib options as they can be changed.

Chameleon blender
The Chameleon blender has a bullet nib and a fine, flexible brush nib. This blender is also refillable making it a more economic option.

Spectrum Noir blender
This blender is another refillable marker and is available on open stock so you don’t have to commit to a whole set to get your hands on it.

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