How to enjoy colouring this summer

Summer is here, and with it comes the promise of beautiful sunny days and being able to spend more time outdoors. But how can we make sure we still enjoy colouring this summer?

Hot and sunny days are great for our mental health, but not so great for curling up on the sofa with our current colouring page. We’ve written guides in the past to help you colour more mindfully, and enjoy a stress-free colouring experience, but today we want to dive into how you can enjoy your colouring projects this summer!

Pick a summer project to work on

To keep yourself motivated through the summer, why not brainstorm a new colouring project, and aim to finish it before the end of summer?

You could choose a new colouring page to work on, experiment with colour palette challenges, follow a tutorial video, or work on something with a colouring buddy. If you need some ideas, we host a monthly colouring challenge in our welcoming Friends of Colouring Heaven Facebook group.

Make sure you pick something that excites and motivates you!

Try some colouring outside

Colouring outside does not come without its challenges, but it can be a lovely thing to do in sunny weather.

Here are some of our top tips to make colouring outside fun, and not messy:

  1. Keep your colouring supplies in a tin, pencil case or pencil pot, to keep them safe and easy to grab when needed.
  2. You may want to use a clipboard to keep your colouring page in one place, and stop it blowing away in the wind, or a paperweight to keep it secure.
  3. Colour on a hard, solid surface like a glass table, tray or clipboard.
  4. Take some water or a cool drink outside with you to stay hydrated. If you’re using water to paint, use two very different cups, and place them far apart from each other to avoid drinking your paint water!

Dedicate time to colouring

If you’re keen to find time for colouring this summer, don’t be afraid to schedule some time to sit down with just you and your colouring pencils. You can even put your phone on silent, to really focus on your colouring and get the most out of it.

Summer is all about spending time outdoors, visiting friends and family, and trying new hobbies and activities. But if colouring is your form of self-care and down-time, don’t forget to prioritise it.

Self-care is very important for our mental health, and if we don’t take time for it, we can start to feel overwhelmed, burnt out, or tired. But don’t forget that rest is important too.

Colour with friends

Summer is a great opportunity to gather with some friends and colour together! Perhaps you can persuade your sceptical friends to give colouring a try!

Take your colouring on holiday

If you’re planning to go on holiday this summer, why not take your colouring project with you?

Colouring is a great activity to fill the time while travelling, or a wonderful and fulfilling activity for your sunny days on the beach, beside the pool, or in the hotel room.

Remember – your mental and physical health comes first

At the end of the day, staying happy and healthy is the most important thing. Make sure you are drinking and eating well, taking time for self-care, and being kind to yourself.

If you don’t find as much time for colouring as you would like, that’s okay – it will be here waiting for you when summer is done.

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