How to find a colouring buddy

Colouring is an enjoyable and mindful hobby, but it can also sometimes be a lonely one. One of the best ways to make colouring a more social, fun and collaborative hobby is to find a colouring buddy.

A colouring buddy is someone who will colour with you – either in person or virtually. Colouring buddies often choose to colour the same page at the same time, so they can compare the different results at the end, but you can also share tips and advice, share colouring materials, or take on colouring challenges.

For example, Tracy and Carol are colouring buddies from our Friends of Colouring Heaven Facebook group. Our group admin, Amanda, matched them together in lockdown and they’ve been colouring together ever since – despite the fact that they live 300 miles apart!

How to find a colouring buddy

First, let’s take a look at how you can find a colouring buddy, as there are a variety of ways you could approach this both online and offline.

Join our Facebook community

One of the best ways to find a supportive colouring buddy is to join our friendly and supportive Friends of Colouring Heaven group on Facebook! The group is full of lovely and welcoming colourists, and if you post a request for a colouring buddy in the group, one of our 6,000 members is sure to be a good fit.

The community can also provide tons of colouring inspiration, lots of advice and recommendations, and will allow you to stay up to date with all things Colouring Heaven.

Two women colour together clinking wine glasses.

Tracy and Carol colouring together.

Post on social media

You don’t have to be part of our Facebook group to find a colouring community online. When you start posting your beautiful colouring online, you’ll start to find people with similar interests and hobbies, and can find a little community of your own. When you’ve had a chance to make friends, you can then approach someone about being your colouring buddy!

Ask the people around you

The internet is a wonderful place to find new creative friends, but you may be able to find a colouring buddy closer to home. Colouring is a very accessible and relaxing hobby that anyone can participate in, so why not reach out to your friends and family to ask if they fancy giving it a go?

With your encouragement and a fun colouring buddy challenge, they might be open to trying a new hobby! This is also a good way to get children involved with colouring, by completing a buddy challenge together.

Two women show their colouring pages.

Tracy and Carol showing off their colouring.

Connect with your local community

As well as your family and friends, you can try reaching out to folks in your local community. You could even host your own colouring club and invite some of your neighbours, or put a poster up in a local shop or cafe.

Colouring clubs can also be held online on Zoom, Facebook or Discord, if you can’t find any colouring buddies in your neighbourhood.

What to do with your colouring buddy

Once you’ve found a colouring buddy, there are lots of colouring themed activities you can take part in together!

Colour together

Traditionally, colouring buddies will choose a colouring page to colour together at the same time. Sometimes they will colour together in person or on a video call, or they might just colour in their own time. At the end, you can compare the results and chat over techniques, tips and tricks!

Tracy and Carol's colouring buddy pages

Take on a colouring challenge

We love a colouring challenge here at Colouring Heaven, and who better to tackle a challenge with than your colouring buddy? Rather than colouring the same page, this time you take on the same challenge instead.

We hold a fun colouring challenge in our friendly and supportive Friends of Colouring Heaven group every month, so join us there for challenge ideas. Keep an eye on our website and social media for challenges from the Colouring Heaven team, or check out our colour palettes for challenge inspiration!

Sharing is caring

If you can get together in person with your buddy, why not share your colouring supplies so you can each try out some new materials? Or help teach each other new colouring techniques.

Learn together

We share lots of fantastic colouring tutorials on our website and YouTube channel, but sometimes in-depth tutorials can be a lot to take in on your own. Tackle a tutorial with a buddy and learn something together! Then if you get stuck, you can help each other out.

Show your appreciation

If you’re lucky enough to find a wonderful lifelong colouring buddy and best friend, you might want to say thank you in an extra special way. Your colouring buddy is sure to appreciate a special issue of Colouring Heaven, some new colouring supplies for their collection, or just a beautiful piece of colouring that you’ve completed just for them.

It doesn’t have to cost anything – consider transforming a colouring page into a card you can send at Christmas or their birthday to say thank you for their support.

Having a colouring buddy to share your favourite hobby with can be so rewarding and fun! Once you’ve found your buddy, you’re likely to be close friends for life. From sharing advice to colouring together, your buddy will be there to support and inspire you throughout your colouring journey!

Once you’ve found your buddy, why not try 10 ways to channel your inner artist together? Or read all about how to colour more mindfully.

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