Join the Colouring Heaven Plus community for exclusive benefits!

We’ve launched our brand new Colouring Heaven Plus membership and we’re so excited about it! Our Creative Director, Jenny, is here to tell you more about it. Check out the video below to learn all about the amazing benefits we’re offering…

What is Colouring Heaven Plus?

What is the Colouring Heaven Colouring Club?

If you’re curious to know more about our Colouring Heaven Colouring Club, our Publishing Assistant Honey is here to tell you more! Check out the video below to find out all the details…


What is the Colouring Heaven Discovery Club?

If you’re curious to know more about our Colouring Heaven Discovery Club, our Publishing Assistant Honey is here to tell you more! To find out all about it check out the video below…


I might be a bit biased, but I think that the Colouring Heaven community is the best out there. We’ve worked hard to make Colouring Heaven the go-to resource for all colourists, of all levels. Every month we bring you a gorgeous fantasy themed magazine, filled with designs from top artists around the world. Not to mention the other aspects of our brand – Colouring Heaven Collection, Colouring Heaven Presents, Colouring Heaven Junior, and Colouring Heaven Discovery Club. Through our lovely website, Facebook and Instagram pages, we love to bring you the very latest colouring news, tips and tricks, and also talk to you and offer any help and advice you need – as well the motivation to keep on colouring!

So all of this is wonderful. But the thing is, we don’t want to stop there – we want to make the experience of being part of our community even more rewarding for you. We want to offer you more than just a subscription to a magazine. A subscription is great – you get the magazine every month and nothing, not even a lockdown, will prevent that from happening. But we want you to feel part of something more than ever, and we want to give something back to you too.

So we are bringing you Colouring Heaven Plus! Why? So we can support you, and give you all the tools you need to get the most out of your colouring. And what are these benefits? I’m glad you asked…

Colouring Heaven Plus

You get the magazine. Yes, that’s our brilliant magazine, worth £5.49, delivered to your door every singly month. No queues, no searching the supermarket shelves, no dog-eared copies.

You get FREE access to our Discovery Club, introducing you to a new artist with free designs brought to your inbox every week.

You get exclusive access to our online Colouring Club, to join other members of our community in monthly colour-alongs.

You get sneak peeks and exclusive designs – receiving the first look at your upcoming magazine, along with exclusive themed designs every month – as well as a free weekly e-newsletter.

And there’s more stuff too: like 10% off all back issues on the Colouring Heaven shop, 10% off other magazine and subscriptions in the Anthem portfolio and members-only videos that we won’t share with anyone else. And more treats, we promise, along the way.

Amazing! What’s the catch?

There is no catch – it costs the same as a print subscription alone! So that’s £11.50 every 3 months, that’s all – all of those benefits, and you’re still saving 36% off the cover price.

The great news for our existing subscribers is that you get upgraded to Colouring Heaven Plus automatically! You just keep paying the same as you were. Fantastic right?

It’s not just a magazine; it’s a whole community of colourists to be supported by, to gain advice from and to be a part of. Join us!

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