Join the Heather R. Hitchman Patreon page!

Heather R. Hitchman is one of our favourite featured artists from our Unicorns Special issue. She also has a fantastic Patreon page, offering access to patron-exclusive perks including videos, desktop backgrounds, and access to her paranormal fairytale world called Terratoff.

Terratoff is a world-building project Heather has been working on in the background for several years, but now she is able to share this magical world with her fans through Patreon.

On the Heather R. Hitchman Patreon page, she says, “Terratoff is a world where magic is the essence of all life and fantasy creatures reign. Born of a magical tree, the fauns rule over this mythical realm filled with creatures of magic such as unicorns, dragons, and many more. But when the soul corrupting plague known as ‘The Rott’ returns it sends the fauns into a supernatural war. As the Rott epidemic spreads, their world suddenly becomes entangled with ‘The World of Man’, causing paranormal phenomena to tear both worlds apart.”

Doesn’t that sound incredible? And if that isn’t cool enough, her patrons are even able to influence the story through monthly “choose the adventure” style polls!

You can become one of Heather’s patrons for just £1 a month for access to her Terratoff feed and patron-exclusive videos, or up your pledge to £2 a month which gives you access to desktop background downloads and tutorial blogs.

For fans who want full access, you can pay £4 a month for monthly polls, colouring pages, a personalised welcome sticker, and first refusal on Heather’s original artwork and limited edition prints.

What a fantastic range of perks! Plus you’ll get to follow along with the extra special story of Terratoff, and see even more of Heather’s beautiful artwork.

Take a look at the Heather R. Hitchman Patreon page here, and find out more about her work with Colouring Heaven here.

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