Kate Middleton is a fan of adult colouring

Joanna Basford recently shared on her Instagram that The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is a fan of adult colouring! Joanna wrote about her conversation with Prince William as she was awarded her OBE in 2016:  “As he pinned my medal to me, Prince William said 2 things that I’ll never forget. 1. ‘When’s the baby due?’ Now here’s the thing, the Duchess was pretty neat during her pregnancies. I was NOT. When I laughed and said ‘Oh not for MONTHS yet!’ he looked VERY surprised! 2. He told me his wife likes my books. She colours. Kate is one of us! Now, this makes perfect sense. Why wouldn’t she? A busy mum with what I imagine is a lot of stress, trying to raise and protect a family.” Who’d have thought that Kate Middleton was part of the colouring community too! 

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