Introducing Mindful Mandalas!

We are thrilled to bring you our brand new sister magazine, Mindful Mandalas, a monthly magazine full of beautiful mandala colouring pages.

Mindful Mandalas is all about colouring to relax, unwind and de-stress. Each issue contains 24 mandala colouring pages, full of beautiful patterns and simple motifs for calm, mindful colouring.

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How can you buy Mindful Mandalas?

You’ll be able to buy every issue of Mindful Mandalas either as a print magazine, shipped worldwide at no extra cost, or choose to download our digital edition to print yourself or colour digitally.

We have a new issue on sale every month, featuring 24 relaxing wheel-inspired designs by Cari Buziak. Unwind and take some time for yourself with each beautiful issue.

Colouring Heaven Mindful Mandalas Wheels of Wellbeing


Mindful Mandalas is available to buy in Asda, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose in the UK, and can also be picked up overseas.

Or you can order directly from our online shop, for worldwide delivery direct to your door!

We will also be selling digital issues of Mindful Mandalas, which can be ordered directly from our online shop.

Colouring for your mental health

Colouring can be so beneficial for your mental health, from reducing feelings of stress to creating moments of mindfulness and meditation. Colouring for your mental health is a wonderful form of self-care that also encourages creativity, boosts your self-esteem, and improves your focus.

Mindful Mandalas is perfect for colouring for your mental health, with lots of mandala colouring pages to help you relax and unwind.

Colouring Heaven Mindful Mandalas Wheels of Wellbeing

How to colour for your mental health

If you would like to take a deep dive into the world of colouring and pick up some new skills, we have some brilliant how to colour guides and tutorials to help you get started, including our ultimate guide to colouring for beginners. We also have a YouTube channel full of detailed colouring video tutorials.

You can also have a look at these specific guides on what materials you might like to use:

If you’re interested in the mindfulness element of colouring, take a look at our advice for colouring more mindfully.

Stay in touch

Mindful Mandalas can be picked up in stores in the UK and overseas, or ordered with worldwide delivery from our online store. Or you can choose to download our digital editions.

Don’t forget to follow Mindful Mandalas on Facebook to receive updates about new issues, discounts and more!

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