Natalia Florence Hartley-Thumwood – Colourist of the Week

Every week at Colouring Heaven, we choose one of our incredibly talented colourists to be featured as our Colourist of the Week! This week, our Colourist of the Week is Natalia Florence Hartley-Thumwood – let’s hear some more about their colouring habits and favourites, and take a look at some of their beautiful colouring…


What is your favourite issue of Colouring Heaven?

I have many but I would have to say the ultimate favourite is the Fairytopia Special [sold out] and equally the Gothic Compendium [sold out]. Both to me are equally beautiful and offer their own challenges.

What are the colouring materials you can’t do without?

My Brutfuner pencils without a doubt and my watercolour paints. Brutfuner in my view are really easy to work with and blend well. Watercolour paints are a new challenge and I love them.

If you had £500 to spend on materials, what would you buy?

That’s a really difficult one to answer. If I had to really choose it would be the entire Black Widow collection and as many of the Castle Arts products I could get my hands on. Oh, and a decent sharpener.

If you could spend the day colouring with one person, who would it be?

I’d have to say my sister Natasha. Even if we are colouring the same picture, it’s amazing at how different we think it should look. Being twins, I’d have thought we would be so similar, but we are very different in our take on art.

What would your dream Colouring Heaven collaboration be?

François Gautier. He’s an incredible French artist. I stumbled upon his books by accident, and I love them. His art can be dark inspired, but also, the dimension aspect in some pieces can make them appear 3D. His 3D art book is beautiful.

Examples of colouring by Natalia Florence Hartley-Thumwood.

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