Derwent and National Trust colouring pencils

Colouring pencil brand Derwent have teamed up with the National Trust and talented artist Claudine O’Sullivan to release a new collection of professional colouring pencils inspired by and supporting river conservation work across the UK.

What are the new colouring pencils?

The sets of artist quality pencils include pastel pencils, watercolour pencils, graphic pencils, and Chromaflow soft core colour pencils, as well as a sketching wallet containing a variety of pencils packed in a stylish wallet with quality paper and accessories.

All of the products are inspired by the National Trust’s river conservation work, and 10% of each product sold will go towards the Riverlands Conservation programme to protect rivers and wildlife in the UK.

On top of this, the colouring pencils are sustainably sourced and packaged in recyclable materials.

To highlight the importance of the conservation work that these pencils will be supporting, the packaging features gorgeous nature-inspired artwork by award-winning British artist Claudine O’Sullivan. The illustrations feature otters, kingfishers and dragonflies, and are inspired by the landscapes protected by the National Trust.

Chromaflow Derwent pencils

National Trust Chromaflow – set of 12 colouring pencils

As colourists, we’re especially excited about the Chromaflow soft core colouring pencils, designed to produce highly pigmented colours with smooth application to make easy work of blending and shading. The pencils are also also designed to resist breakage.

This set features 12 specially curated colours for the National Trust: Scarlet, Flame, Denim, White, Black, Basil, Amber gold, Magenta, Foliage, Light blue, Violet, Raisin.

Watercolour Derwent pencils

National Trust Watercolour Pencils – set of 12 pencils

These watercolour pencils have a water-soluble allowing you to create a watercolour effect with more control and detail than traditional watercolour paint. Simply lay down dry colour and add water for that iconic watercolour effect.

This set features 12 specially curated colours for the National Trust: Deep Cadmium, Spectrum Blue, Mineral Green, Copper Beech, Ivory Black, Deep Chrome, Geranium Lake, Pale Peach, Pink Madder Lake, Red Violet Lake, Smalt Blue, May Green.

Pastel Derwent pencils

National Trust Pastel Pencils – set of 12 pencils

The Derwent Pastel pencils have a unique fine chalk texture – allowing you to create highly pigmented, easily blendable colouring. You can also combine with water for light wash techniques.

This set features 12 specially curated colours for the National Trust: Process Yellow, Violet, Cyan, Pea Green, Carbon Black, Titanium White, Mid green, Tangerine, Cerulean Blue, Naples Yellow, Raspberry, Venetian Red.

Graphic Derwent pencils

National Trust Graphic – set of 12 pencils

Graphic pencils contain fine graphite for smooth and graduated line work or detailed shading. Although less traditional for colouring, these pencils are a great choice for sketching or drawing, or for practising some monochromatic shading.

This set features a range of graphite from 9H to 9B.

Derwent sketching wallet

National Trust Sketching Wallet

The sketching wallet is a diverse collection of graphic pencils including traditional graphite, charcoal and sketching pencils, as well as a sharpener, eraser, an A5 sketching pad and a stylish wallet.

We’re really excited about these pencils and the conservation work they’re supporting. If you want to try out the new Riverlands Collection and support river conservation across the UK, head to the Derwent website to order your choice of colouring pencils and accessories.

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