New issue: Colouring Heaven Junior Quick & Easy Colouring Caticorns

Our new issue of Quick & Easy Colouring issue is here! We’re sure you’ll love this adorable issue, filled with 24 purr-fect unicorn cat designs from Colored Caramel. This issue will transport you to a magical world of rainbows and sparkles! It’s perfect for some super cute, stress-free colouring.

At just £5.99 this issue includes:

  • 24 adorable Caticorns designs
  • Delivery straight to your door

Colouring Heaven Junior is available in many major supermarkets in the UK including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, and in WH Smiths and other newsagents. Use our handy UK store locator to check where we’re stocked near you.

You can also find us in Walmart in the USA and Canada, as well as other selected grocery stores, and around the world in international press outlets.

Estimated on sale dates for overseas:

  • 1 month after UK on sale date for Europe
  • 2 months for the USA and Canada
  • 3 months for Australia and South Africa

Don’t have time to get to the shops? Get your copy delivered anywhere in the world when you order from the Colouring Heaven shop!

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Take a sneak peek inside Colouring Heaven Junior Quick & Easy Colouring Caticorns…

Colouring pages from Colouring Heaven Junior Quick & Easy Colouring Caticorns

A Q&A with Nina from Colored Caramel…

1. What’s the story behind Colored Caramel, how did it start, and what do you publish?

The Colored Caramel journey began in the middle of the first COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020. With my team, we were already creating notebooks and other stationery products under a different brand name. Then during the lockdown, I was trying to find new products to add to my e-commerce business, and I came across colouring books. I found them very interesting, and I really liked the positive effect they have on people.

I read many reviews where people wrote how colouring helps them with anxiety and stress. Many found it also as a fun activity when they are bored instead of watching TV or scrolling through social media. I found excitement and challenge in creating them and starting something new.

Everyone on the team began to enjoy it, people loved our work, and things took off. Since then, we focus only on creating and publishing unique colouring books and building the Colored Caramel brand. We sell them in physical and digital formats on Amazon and Etsy. I am happy and proud of how far we’ve come and how many amazing books we’ve created. At the same time, we have big plans and goals and a long way to go.

2. Where do you find inspiration for your colouring designs?

I find inspiration in everyday life. In animals, nature, food and different elements like hearts, stars, bows, cups, etc. Then I like to play with these elements, and make them look magical and alive by adding faces and turning them into characters. I want to give them a somewhat fantasy twist. I usually want to use everyday elements and then make them super cute, playful, or weird and scary, depending on the theme of the book.

Colouring page from Colouring Heaven Junior Quick & Easy Colouring Caticorns

Colouring by @jamiescoloringlove.

3. Why are you excited to be working with Colouring Heaven?

I am flattered and happy that Colouring Heaven noticed our work and offered us to participate in one of their magazines. This collaboration is exciting because we will be able to reach more colouring enthusiasts and show our work to a larger audience.

4. Do you enjoy colouring yourself, and why/why not?

Before starting Colored Caramel, I did not colour at all. I learned more about it from our customers and their feedback on what colouring means to them. So I wanted to try it myself.

In the beginning it was more out of curiosity to see how our illustrations come out when coloured. I wanted to put myself in our customer’s shoes and see what they experience while colouring our books. I thought this could also help me when creating new ones. My excitement about colouring grew while building the brand, and now I enjoy it.

It helps me relax and clear my mind. Letting myself go and just colour using whatever colours I feel helps me release my feelings and emotions. To me, colouring is a form of therapy and active meditation because I can be in the moment and forget the outside world.

5. Do you have any tips for how to colour your adorable Caticorn characters?

My tip is to have in mind that there is no right or wrong way to colour the Caticorn characters. Just do it your way. Approach it with an open mind, unleash your imagination and choose the colours you like. Just go with the flow without expectations and planning, and colour the characters as you feel. Most importantly, have fun!

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