Our Inktober™ roundup: All the best Inktober™ artwork!

October is the month of Inktober™, an inspiring daily drawing challenge started by Jake Parker in 2009. We’re bringing you a roundup of all the best Inktoberartwork and our favourite artists who took part in Inktober™ this year! You might even spot a few who feature in previous issues of Colouring Heaven…

While many of our colourists have been attempting daily colouring in the spirit of the challenge (which we’ve loved seeing in our Friends of Colouring Heaven Facebook group), lots of artists take on the traditional challenge of creating 31 ink drawings inspired by a list of prompts – one for each day of the month!

Some artists like to add their own twist, by using their own prompts, or experimenting with different techniques and materials. The original Inktober™ challenge has blossomed into a spectacular range of October drawing challenges, including Drawtober, Witchtober, and Drawlloween.

Let’s take a look at our favourite October drawing challenges from artists around the world!

Zoe Sadler

Ink illustration queen Zoe Sadler has created a line up of beautiful inky potions for this year’s Inktober™ challenge, following her own prompt list and sticking to traditional black and white designs. We’ve loved seeing her potions come to life – our favourite is this adorable little love potion. Such a sweet design!

If you love Zoe’s inky illustrations, you can find more of her colourable artwork in our new Colouring Heaven Christmas Special and Colouring Heaven Halloween Special!

Camilla d’Errico

Camilla has been doing a twist on the traditional Inktober™ challenge called Drawlloween! Each drawing is inspired by a spooky theme, from ghosts and ghouls, to the wicked and witchy, Camilla’s charming drawings are full of life and energy. We just adore this sweet little “Hippocampus” Camilla created for day 12!

Clement Henry

While we love artists who create carefully crafted realism illustrations, we also love a bit of whimsy! Illustrator Clement Henry specialises in deceptively simple but delightful designs featuring these little blob characters. These funny little figures follow the official Inktober™ prompt list, with their own comedy twist!

Meredith Dillman

Dreamy watercolour artist Meredith Dillman has treated us to a few beautiful Inktober™ inspired pieces. Picking different themes and prompt lists for each day, Meredith treated us to a faery cat, a mushroom witch, and even a beautiful dragon! We love the detail and whimsy in these illustrations.

Meredith’s stunning artwork is also featured in our sold out Colouring Heaven Fairies & Friends Special.

Kat Young

Copic artist Kat Young has been working on her own neon version of the daily drawing challenge. Using Acryla Gouache to craft bright and beautiful illustrations, Kat is taking it slow and working on her own prompt ideas. We adore this evocative piece she created, inspired by the prompt of a fortune teller.

Lisa Mitrokhin

If you love incredibly detailed and fantastical designs, you’ll love Lisa Mitrokhin’s Inktober™ artwork! Each day, Lisa is inspired by prompts suggested by her friends, family and followers, and transforms them into beautifully layered ink designs. We love the detail and texture in this “collide” illustration!

You can find more of Lisa’s beautiful and detailed work in our sold out Colouring Heaven Halloween Special.


Adding her own very personal twist to a daily drawing challenge, artist Jessica, aka Jelarts, created her own prompt list called Jeltober, inspired by cute critters and adorable animals. While her first few illustrations started with a more traditional Inktober™ vibe, we’ve really enjoyed her more recent entries, which explode with colour and character!

Janna Prosvirina

Fairy artist Janna Prosvirina has taken on the Inktober™ challenge with a unique twist, creating beautifully detailed watercolour images inspired by fairies, fae and witches,  against a backdrop of glittering golden moons. This #Drawtober or #Moontober twist has led Janna to produce some stunning designs!

We simply love Janna’s artwork – that’s why we’ve featured her in several issues of Colouring Heaven issues, most recently our Junior Little Witches Halloween issue!

Wow – what a round up! We’ve definitely discovered some new artists we love from this year’s Inktober™ challenge, and we love how everyone adds their own twist to the daily drawing prompts and interprets them in different ways! Which artist is your favourite?

If you want to take part in your own daily Inktober™ challenge, you can order the official Colouring Heaven Collection Inktober™ 2020 issue from our online store here!

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