Top MerMay moments from 2022!

Our favourite colouring challenge of the year is drawing to a close, and we’re taking a moment to reflect on all our favourite moments of MerMay 2022. So many of our incredibly talented colourists joined in, colouring our Mermaids Special issue, as well as some of our wonderful featured artists.

From stunning colouring pages to creative challenges, let’s explore all the best MerMay moments of 2022!

Our talented colourists

We couldn’t start off this roundup without featuring some of our amazing colourists who shared their mermaid colouring pages with us this month. We’ve been blown away by all the gorgeous colouring pages shared in our Friends of Colouring Heaven Facebook group – we’d feature every single one of you if we could!

Here’s a few of our favourites…

Mermaid colouring page

Daphne-wade Wall-Bendrien

Mermaid colouring page

Julia Shvetsova

Mermaid colouring page

@purpleflower777 on Instagram

Mermaid colouring page

Jenny Cook

Mermaid colouring page

Gemma Goodwin

Mermaid colouring page

Lisa Paddock

Amanda’s mermaid colouring challenge

Every month in our Friends of Colouring Heaven Facebook group, our wonderful admin Amanda sets our colourists a fun colouring challenge. This month, she challenged our members to add some glitter and sparkle to a mermaid colouring page!

Here are some of the beautiful colouring pages our members created…

Mermaid colouring page

Gemma Goodwin

Mermaid colouring page

Michelle Aspinall

Mermaid colouring page

Sammi Norval

Jenny and Honey’s MerMay colouring challenge

As well as the challenge in our Facebook group, this month we also challenged you to take on some 5 minute colouring challenges with an adorable mermaid design! While MerMay is now coming to a close, this challenge is lots of fun all year round, and you can give it a go on any colouring page that takes your fancy. Why not join in?

Our featured artists

Of course, we also have to include some of the stunning mermaid artwork from artists who have been featured in Colouring Heaven! As MerMay is traditionally a daily drawing challenge, lots of our artists like to get involved in their own way. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite MerMay posts…

MerMay may be ending soon, but you can keep up with all things Colouring Heaven on our website, and we’ll be keeping our mermaid colouring pages up for you to download and colour all year round.

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