Plantable Pencils: Turn Pencils Into Plants!

Introducing the Sprout colouring kit! It includes eight plantable pencils (two graphite writing pencils and six coloured pencils), as well as a colouring book that features designs inspired by nature.

Once the pencils become too short to use, rather than throwing them in the bin you can plant them and watch them grow into herbs, vegetables and flowers!

Around 14 billion pencils are produced worldwide each year – that’s a lot of pencils! Imagine if they could all be planted and turned into flowers and food rather than thrown in the bin.

The plantable pencils are 100% natural and are made from sustainable harvested cedar wood, graphite and clay. If you tend to chew your pencils, don’t worry! The seed capsules are plant-based and non-toxic and perfectly safe if you chew (or even eat!) one. In the plantable pencils you will find a variety of non-GMO seeds including basil, cherry tomatoes, chia, sage, thyme, sunflowers, carnations, coriander, daisies and forget-me-not flowers.

The set is on sale for £14.95 and you can purchase it from Amazon or the official Sprout shop!

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