Selina Fenech’s new releases!

Selina Fenech has clearly been busy lately as she has many new releases. Colouring books, new colouring pages and even fantasy novels – you name it! Selina was the featured artist of many popular Colouring Heaven issues, including the Colouring Heaven Junior Unicorn Tea Party issue. We love Selina’s beautiful illustrations and her ability to build incredible fantasy worlds!

When Selina announced her new colouring book we were, of course, very excited and wrote all about our predictions of what it would be like. We’re happy to say that the new fantasy book is now out! It is called ‘Wild Magic’ and we absolutely love it. Enter into the world of enchantresses, spellcasters and other magical creatures and bring them to life with colour.

The book contains 22 unique designs for you to colour. What makes it extra special is that the book comes with duplicates of each design in case you want you try a new technique, make an error or even want to colour with a friend. You can get hold of a digital version of the book on Etsy or if you prefer a physical copy it is available on Amazon.

That’s not all Selina has been up to however. She also has been busy writing fantasy novels, with multiple different series available. Her latest release is from the ‘Heartsblood’ series and is the third in the trilogy. The book is called ‘Deathless’ and is available on Amazon. Why not enter a new fantasy world in one of her novels? You can explore all of Selina Fenech’s colouring books, novels and colouring pages over on her website.

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