Start your own Colouring Heaven colouring club!

Have you ever attended a colouring club? These virtual or in person events are all about sharing the joy of colouring, whether you’re a complete beginner or an every day colourist! It’s a great way to socialise, meet new people and also share ideas and inspiration. Plus if you get colourist block there will always be someone on hand to help you get over it.

It can be so lovely to share your hobbies with a like-minded community of people. Why not follow our tips to set up your own colouring club, online or for your local community?

This handy guide will contain some tips about how to set up a colouring club of your own, some free designs to get you started, and even a poster to advertise your new club!

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How to start your own colouring club

There’s no doubt that colouring has taken the world by storm over the last couple of years and joined the mindfulness trend as the perfect way to switch off and relax. but does it have to be a solitary activity? The answer is definitely not, and the solution is setting up your own colouring club!

Here are our top tips for getting your club off to a good start…

Choose a location

Pick somewhere informal where there’s plenty of space for you all to gather, but won’t mind you being there for a while.

A coffee shop is perfect. Hosting it at your house might be a bit intimidating for anyone who doesn’t know you, so a public place is preferable.

Or host your colouring club online on Zoom, Discord or Facebook, and anyone can join wherever they are in the world!

Pick the right time

Evenings or weekends are probably best for most people – maybe 6pm on a weeknight, or 2pm on a Saturday. You could always pick a time for the first meeting and then discuss what time suits you all for the next one.

Set up a Facebook page

Encourage new members to come to the group by setting up a Facebook page. You can keep members up to date with any last-minute changes to meetings and also share photos of your work (as well as with us!)

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Inspire each other

The point of a colouring club is to encourage and inspire each other rather than to judge. So introduce a ‘no criticism’ policy, and maybe try themed weeks too, so each of you can share your favourite style with the rest of the group and maybe help push members outside their comfort zone once in a while to encourage creativity!

Got any extra supplies?

Members who are just starting out on their colouring journey might not have many supplies, so if you have excess take them along to the club with you. It could also give people who only ever use pencils a chance to try a different medium, and you can encourage other members to do thesame and all get swapping supplies for an evening.

Got a friendly local art supply shop? See if they’ll give you any samples if you promise to direct your members their way for their next shopping spree!

Free colouring pages

What better way to get started with your colouring club than with five free colouring designs from Colouring Heaven! In the long run, you might want to colour new issues together, but these five designs will set you up perfectly for your first meeting.

Do you love colouring? colouring club poster

Colouring Club poster

Download this free colouring club poster from Colouring Heaven to advertise your new club in cafes, shops, Facebook groups, with family and friends, and anywhere else you can think of! Don’t forget to add the location, date, and how people can contact you if they want to join.

Now you have everything you need to start your own Colouring Heaven inspired colouring club! We hope you have an amazing time – don’t forget to share any pictures with us on Facebook and Instagram and in our Friends of Colouring Heaven Facebook group!

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