Take on our 5 minute mermaid colouring challenge!

We always love how much fun colouring is, but it’s especially fun during MerMay! The whole community gets involved with colouring mermaid pages. As part of our MerMay fun this year, we’re inviting you to get involved with some crazy colouring challenges on this super cute mermaid colouring page – which you can download for free on our website!

In this week’s Colouring Heaven video, Jenny and Honey take on some colouring challenges inspired by MerMay. And each challenge is only 5 minutes long!

Everyone can find time for 5 minutes of colouring, so why not get involved with these challenges on the free mermaid colouring page (or a page of your own choosing), and let us know how you get on?

Mermaids free colouring page

Make sure you give the video a watch for all the details – and to see how much fun these colouring challenges can be! They’re extra fun with a friend, so why not find a buddy in our Friends of Colouring Heaven Facebook group to colour along with?

Colouring Heaven mermaid colouring page challenge

Here’s our mermaid colouring challenge for MerMay – remember, each one should only be 5 minutes long! If you’re using our free mermaid colouring page, it works well to do one challenge for each little mermaid figure.

Challenge 1 – Colour a design in just 5 minutes

We’re easing you into this with a little practice one. Put 5 minutes on a timer and see how much you can get done in such a short amount of time. Can you finish an entire mermaid, or will you need to speed up a bit for the following challenges?

Challenge 2 – Colour a design with your non-dominant hand

Putting 5 minutes on the clock again, this time you have to colour with your non-dominant hand. This one is definitely a challenge – you might need to embrace some colouring outside the lines! As Honey says in the video, “If this was ‘do your best impression of colouring like a 2 year old’, I think we’d be doing really well!”

Challenge 3 – Colour a design upside down!

You can use your dominant hand again for this one (phew) but you will be using it upside down! Flip your page 180 degrees for this 5 minute challenge. Don’t forget, you’re not allowed to flip the page around again until the challenge is done!

Challenge 4 – Sectional colouring

Draw some little circles over your designs and dive into some sectional colouring. This means only colouring inside certain shapes on your colouring page, and with a 5 minute time limit, this might give you some time to try out some more advanced techniques!

Challenge 5 – Just one colour / pen

You might need to get creative with this challenge as you can only use a pen in one colour! Glitter and sparkle are a perfect match for mermaid colouring – so why not take it one step further and challenge yourself to only use a glitter gel pen, just like Jenny and Honey?

Challenge 6 – Add a background

Starting with your favourite mermaid, add a coloured background in your medium of choice. How big of a background can you do in only 5 minutes?

Did you enjoy our mermaid colouring challenge? We can’t wait to see what your colouring pages look like! You can share them with us on Facebook and Instagram, and in our lovely Friends of Colouring Heaven Facebook group.

Looking for more MerMay content? We have mermaid-themed free colouring pages, a colouring tutorial, and even a colouring playlist to share with you this month! Check it all out here.

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