Tatiana Bogema releases new colouring book!

If you’re a fan of Tatiana Bogema, we have some amazing news for you! Tatiana, featured artist of the Colouring Heaven Collection Nice Little Christmas issue, has released a brand new book for you to bring to life with colour. It is a fun and magical book, packed with fantastic colouring pages to discover.

The new book is part of the well-loved Nice Little Town series. This release, ‘Nice Little Town: 11’ follows the same whimsical mouse world, on the ground, up in the sky and even under the sea! Explore this enchanting world, packed with small magical details for you to colour. There are 25 beautiful pages to colour that we’re certain will put a smile on your face!

The book is available as a digital download and you can scale it for travel size or print it as it is on A4 cardstock. You can get your hands on a copy via Tatiana’s Etsy. We love Tatiana’s ability to build worlds with detail and magic. Get your hands on a copy today!

Want to take a peek at the magical colouring designs inside? Tatiana has created an amazing click-through video. It shows off all the beautiful designs in the book, page by page. Check it out below.

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