The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide!

Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about gifts for those special people in your life. Here at Colouring Heaven, the world’s best-selling colouring magazine brand, we believe colouring is for everyone – so we’ve put together this ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide to help you shop this Christmas!

Alternatively, you can send this gift guide to your friends and family if they need some subtle (or not so subtle) hints for what to pop under your tree this year – Christmas wish list sorted!

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Colouring Heaven may earn commission from some of the links on this page. But don’t worry – we’ve only picked Christmas colouring gifts we think you’ll love!

In this extensive colouring Christmas gift guide, we’ll cover…

Why choose colouring gifts?

As well as having countless benefits for your mental health, colouring is a really fun and enjoyable hobby for both kids and adults. It can be a very mindful activity to take part in on a daily or weekly basis, allowing you to develop new creative skills, and carving out some time for relaxing self care.

Plus, it can help you meet new people and make friends – just take a look at our welcoming Friends of Colouring Heaven Facebook group to see lots of like-minded colourists sharing their colouring and their love of Colouring Heaven.

Why not encourage your friends and family to pick up colouring as their new favourite hobby by gifting them some products from this ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide from Colouring Heaven?

Colouring Christmas gift guide - Gifts for children

Colouring gifts for kids

Let’s kick off the colouring Christmas gift guide with colouring gifts for kids! Colouring is a great activity for kids, as it keeps them busy and encourages them to be creative, away from any screens or technology. Colouring is the perfect calm and restful activity for children, which is why kids have been colouring since the 1900s.

Whether they already love colouring or just want to try something new, these products will fuel their creativity and imagination!

Colouring Heaven Junior Quick & Easy Colouring issues

Colouring Heaven Junior Quick & Easy Colouring

All of our Junior Quick & Easy Colouring issues are created with little ones in mind, featuring designs that are enjoyable, easy, and fun to colour. No need to get bogged down in backgrounds and details, just colour fo fun.

We have nine adorable themed designs in our Junior Quick & Easy Colouring range, from cute baby animals, to festive Halloween and Christmas issues! We even have a Care Bears™ issue for fans of the iconic series. With options for both boys and girls, and catering to a wide age range, our Junior issues are the ultimate colouring gift for kids.

space colouring pencils

Space Age 36 colouring pencils in a tin

As well as something to colour on, your kiddies will need something to colour with! This set of 36 pencils in a space themed tin from Rex London is an affordable option to get your budding artist started with their new hobby, covering a really nice range of colours and delivered in a tin – so you can keep those pencils nicely organised and in good condition.

oak crayon holder

Oak crayon holder

If your kids already have a set of crayons or pencils, this high quality personalised crayon holder is ideal for keeping them tidy. This holder is made and hand-finished in the UK, and can be engraved with your child’s name or word of choice for an extra special touch. Pair with a pack of Crayola crayons for the perfect colouring gift bundle!

personalised t shirt kits

Personalised t-shirt painting kit

For the kids who love being creative, try this bespoke t-shirt decorating kit from MeShirt! Not only is this a unique gift to encourage their creativity with endless customisation options, but it’s also a handy activity to keep them busy on a rainy day. Use the stencils and templates provided to make your own design, and colour with fabric paints and pens!

colour in playhouse

Colour in cardboard playhouse

There’s only one thing better than a playhouse… a DIY playhouse they can make and colour all by themselves! Give them a blank canvas for their creativity and keep them entertained for hours with this fun project. This product is most appropriate for kids aged 3 or above. Be sure to check out the whole range of colour in playhouses at Hobbycraft!

colour in pencil case

Colour in pencil case

A pencil case is a great way to encourage kids to tidy up and keep their colouring supplies safe and sound. Take it one step further with a colourable pencil case from eatsleepdoodle! Fabric pens provided for a fun colouring activity.

colors of the world crayons crayola

3-in-1 Colors of the World colouring set

Teach your kids about the importance of diversity and equality at an early age with Crayola’s Colors of the World products. This 3-in-1 set includes crayons, colouring pencils and markers in a diverse range of skin tones, which will come in really handy for their colouring activities.

Gifts for teenagers

Colouring gifts for teenagers

We know how hard it can be to coax your teenagers away from social media and Netflix, but hopefully some of these fun colouring activities will pique their interest!

Being a teenager can be a really challenging time, with the stress of school, exams and making friends all on their shoulders, which is where the mental health benefits of colouring can really come into play. Colouring gifts for teenagers are a great idea to gently introduce some self-care and mindfulness to their busy routine.

Colouring Heaven Collection Dinosaurs

Colouring Heaven Collection Dinosaurs

Teens of both genders will be obsessed with this dinosaur themed issue – partly inspired by the popularity of the new Jurassic World movies! They can also learn about each of the amazing prehistoric creatures as they colour their way through the pages.

Colouring Heaven Collection Hatsune Miku

Colouring Heaven Collection Hatsune Miku

If you have a teenager who is manga or anime obsessed, our Hatsune Miku issue is packed full of designs in the recognisable anime style. The 48 designs in this issue are all new and exclusive, so you won’t find them anywhere else!

Colouring Heaven Fairytopia Special

Colouring Heaven Fairytopia Special

Our gorgeous Fairytopia Special issue is jam-packed full of beautiful and detailed fairy designs. We love a fantasy theme here at Colouring Heaven, and we think a lot of teenagers would love this issue too.

crayola erasable pencils

Erasable coloured pencils

Crayola is a household name for affordable and amazing colouring supplies, especially for kids and teenagers. These erasable coloured pencils are a good introduction to colouring, as they allow you to easily erase and correct mistakes. Plus the colours are bright and fun and will allow your teenager to experiment with colouring pencil techniques.

Staedtler Ergosoft pencils

STAEDTLER colouring pencils

If you have a teen who’s ready to take their colouring skills to the next level, STAEDTLER colouring pencils are a brilliant balance between budget and quality, and a great introduction to colouring pencils designed for experienced artists and colourists.

colour in colourable snapback hat cap

Colour in snapback hat

A great option for both kids and teenagers, we really love this fun colourable snapback hat! Colour this fun and engaging design with the fabric pens provided to create an amazing and unique piece of headwear!

metallic pens

Metallic pens – brush or bullet tip

These fun metallic pens add a fantastic shimmer to any colouring project. Available to buy in a variety of quantities and with a soft brush tip or a firm bullet tip depending on your preference, these pens can be used on a number of different surfaces including wood, glass, stone, and of course paper!

Gifts for adults

Colouring gifts for adults

It wouldn’t be an ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide if we didn’t explore colouring gifts for adults! Adult colouring has grown in popularity in recent years, as people of all ages discovered how positive colouring can be for your mental health and well-being. Of course, we think colouring is a fantastic activity for all ages, but especially grown ups! We all need a break from day-to-day life every now and then, which is exactly what colouring offers.

If you’re buying for an adult colourist, you might need to be more creative with your gift ideas – especially if your colourist is the type of person to buy all the newest issues of Colouring Heaven and all the popular sets of colouring pencils!

Colouring gifts for women

Let’s jump into some colouring gift ideas for women, before we take a look at some gift ideas for men.

Colouring Heaven Alice in Wonderland Special

Colouring Heaven Alice in Wonderland Special

The iconic fairytale of Alice in Wonderland, originally by Lewis Carroll, is still incredibly popular around the world. Whether the story sparks nostalgia or imagination, our Alice in Wonderland Special is a beautiful issue for all colourists, with plenty of colouring challenges to keep you on your toes! (Have you ever coloured a Dodo before?)

Colouring Heaven Presents Flowers Compendium

Colouring Heaven Presents Flowers Compendium

For the woman who loves a floral design, our ultimate Flowers Compendium issue is sure to be a winner! With designs from beloved artists like Kanoko Egusa, Kelly O’Gorman and Mitzi Sato-Wiuff, this issue makes a perfect gift for the women in your life.

Colouring Heaven Collection Flower Girls

Colouring Heaven Collection Flower Girls

Continuing on a floral theme, this beautiful Flower Girls issue proved to be very popular with colourists of all genders, but especially women. And this issue will challenge any colourist to master the art of colouring skin, petals, hair and eyes!

colouring pencil case

Canvas roll pencil case

We really love this stylish canvas pencil case for keeping your pencils safe and sound, and easily taking them with you wherever you go. The un-rollable canvas wrap means you can see all your pencils laid out in front of you – much more convenient than a traditional pencil case!

pen pot

Handmade terrazzo pen pot

For someone who prefers to keep their pens and pencils in one spot, a high quality and handmade pen pot from Made by Paulina is a lovely idea. These pots are made by hand in small batches and a variety of patterns and colours, and they’re so pretty and practical!

Colouring gifts for men

Men can enjoy and appreciate the mindful benefits of colouring just as much as women – many of the talented colourists in our community are men! Here’s our selection of colouring gift ideas for men.

Colouring Heaven Collection Dinosaurs

Colouring Heaven Collection Dinosaurs

Bring out their childhood love of dinosaurs with our fantastic Dinosaurs issue, featuring designs by Ukrainian Paleoartist Sergey Krasovskiy, inspired by real prehistoric life and scientific evidence of dinosaurs!

Colouring Heaven Elements Special

Colouring Heaven Elements Special

Our Elements Special is an issue inspired by the elements – wind, water, fire and earth – and features an incredible range of elemental themed designs. Dragons, mermaids, witches and more, we think this issue will offer a variety of detailed designs for our male colourists to enjoy.

Colouring Heaven Collection Vikings

Colouring Heaven Collection Vikings

Another issue to take them back to their childhood memories, this Vikings issue is full of wonderful designs that bring the Vikings to life. Plenty of men to colour in this one as well as women, and all new and exclusive designs you won’t find anywhere else.

concrete pen pots

Concrete pen pot

For a colouring supplies storage solution that is simple, stylish and masculine, we love these concrete pen pots from GritCreationsShop on Etsy. Concrete provides a modern and classy look, and a more eco-friendly and long-lasting option than plastic.

As well as all these amazing gift ideas for adult colourists, we recommend taking a look at our articles on must-have colouring supplies, our top 10 colouring pencils, and our top 10 pens and markers, for more gift ideas for grown up colourists.

Gifts for grandparents

Colouring gifts for grandparents

Colouring is a wonderful hobby for older folk and senior citizens, as its calming, relaxing and accessible. It can even help elderly people practise focus and concentration, and benefit those who suffer from dementia,  as it has such an incredibly positive impact on mental health. Keep reading for our colouring Christmas gift guide for grandparents and OAPs.

Colouring Heaven Collection Percy the Park Keeper

Colouring Heaven Collection Percy the Park Keeper™

We know any grandparents out there will love our Percy the Park Keeper™ issue, featuring designs that capture the very essence of the original illustrations by Nick Butterworth! We love these charming and ageless designs, but they’ll mean even more to anyone who remembers reading the books.

Colouring Heaven Junior Flower Sprites

Colouring Heaven Junior Flower Sprites

The lovely and magical designs by Mitzi Sato-Wiuff in this Flower Sprites issue are so beautiful, but also easy and relaxing to colour. The perfect issue for stress-free colouring. Plus, the little floral details in this issue are really pretty!

Colouring Heaven Fairies in Nature Special

Colouring Heaven Fairies in Nature Special

Featuring new and exclusive fairy designs by our very own Creative Director, Jenny Cook, our Fairies in Nature Special is a really lovely issue. The designs are inspired by Jenny’s two children, so we know any grandparent will love colouring these pages.

Ultimate Dot 2 Dot

Ultimate Dot 2 Dot

For a fun and creative activity similar to colouring, check out some issues of Ultimate Dot 2 Dot! There are so many fun and varied designs to keep them busy.

Colour in 3D Christmas tree

Colour in Christmas tree

This 3D colour in Christmas tree is a fun festive activity for the whole family! We think it’s an especially lovely activity for grandparents to work on with their grandchildren, and doubles up as a lovely table decoration for Christmas day.

Vegan leather pencil case

Personalised vegan leather pencil case

For an extremely stylish pencil case, take a look at this gorgeous vegan leather pencil case from Martha Brook, which can also be personalised with initials of your choice. This roomy pencil case will keep their colouring supplies safe and sound!

Colouring Christmas gift guide - Gifts on a budget

Colouring gifts on a budget

For those of you who need to be more careful with your spending this year, we have you covered in this colouring Christmas gift guide! There are a lot of high quality colouring supplies that can be bought on a budget, from pencils and markers, to discounted products from Colouring Heaven.

Colouring Heaven Presents Compendium Witches & Dragons

Witches & Dragons Compendium Bundle

Get your hands on all the best witch and dragon colouring pages from Colouring Heaven with this hugely discounted Compendium bundle. While the original issues are £9.50 to order in the UK, the 96 designs in this bundle are just £12.75! That’s a ton of colouring content for under £15, and a saving of almost 35%!

Colouring Heaven calendar

Colouring Heaven calendars

While the calendars themselves may not be timeless, the exclusive designs in our colouring calendars definitely are! Our 2020, 2021 and 2022 calendars are all available to buy heavily discounted, each one supplying hours of colouring enjoyment for under £10.

Arteza pencils

Arteza colouring pencils

The Arteza range of colouring pencils is our favourite for anyone on a budget, and highly praised in our roundup of the 10 best colouring pencils.

The set of 48 pencils is the most affordable at £22.99, providing excellent value for money as they are incredibly high quality and feel professional to use. They work well with a wide range of paper and have a brilliant colour payoff. The full 120 pencil set is just £42.99, making it just 36p a pencil!

docrafts artiste

docrafts Artiste Watercolour Dual-Tip pens

For colourists who prefer using pens and markers over colouring pencils, shopping on a budget can be more tricky. Pens and markers do tend to be on the expensive side, so we love an affordable brand like docrafts.

The Artiste Watercolour Dual-Tip pens from docrafts have a bullet nib and brush nib. Being a water-based pen, you may need to pick up some tips about how to use them, but widely available to buy under £20, they’re a great option for an affordable and high quality marker.

Free colouring pages from Colouring Heaven


Free colouring pages from Colouring Heaven

Don’t forget, we also have an extensive range of free colouring pages for you to download and colour at home – perfect for colourists on a budget.

Gifts for beginners

Colouring gifts for beginners

For novice colourists and beginners, keep reading for our colouring Christmas gift guide recommendations for colouring supplies to help you get started with your new favourite hobby! It’s best to keep things simple and start with designs that are fun, versatile and full of opportunity for learning and experimentation.

Colouring Heaven Junior Quick & Easy Colouring Caticorns

Colouring Heaven Junior Quick & Easy Colouring Caticorns

As well as being designed for little ones, we aim for our Junior Quick & Easy Colouring issues to be fun and accessible for all ages, including adults. Our recent Caticorns issue is a wonderful issue for beginners, with super cute and fun designs that will keep colouring light-hearted and enjoyable.

Colouring Heaven Collection Stained Glass Flowers

Colouring Heaven Collection Stained Glass Flowers

Our Stained Glass Flowers issue is full of charming floral stained glass designs, created with beginners in mind and aiming to promote relaxing and mindful colouring. If you just want to colour for fun, these designs will look lovely and striking in flat colours with simple shading. Or you can challenge yourself to colour a stained glass effect, making this issue really versatile!

Colouring Heaven Collection Patterns

Colouring Heaven Collection Patterns

Our original Patterns issue was created to give our colourists a break from busy and detailed designs, and help them slow down and find a moment of mindful colouring. This issue is also brilliant for beginners, as it is full of simple shapes and designs.

vinyl eraser

STAEDTLER plastic eraser

Made a mistake with your colouring pencils and wish you could erase it? Well good news, you can! This STAEDTLER eraser can help with making your highlights pop, as well as erasing pesky mistakes, even those made with coloured pencil!

Posca white marker

White Posca marker

Whether you want to try your hand at colouring with pencils or pens, a white marker is always a handy tool to add emphasis and detail to shiny highlights like eyes, hair and water. Our favourite is the white Posca marker which creates a really strong opaque mark.

Marco Raffine pencils

Marco Raffine colouring pencils

When buying for a beginner, it can be tricky to decide what colouring supplies to invest in, especially when it comes to pencils as there are so many options! We really like the Marco Raffine colouring pencils for novice colourists, as they are relatively inexpensive and include a really nice range of colours to get you started.

Gifts for experienced colourists

Colouring gifts for experienced colourists

For the colourists who know all the techniques, have watched all the tutorials, and have colouring supplies bursting at the seams, it can be tricky to find gifts they’ll appreciate and enjoy! Let’s have a quick look at some of the dreamiest colouring gifts for those with a little more colouring experience.


Colouring Heaven Plus subscription

We’re sure any experienced colourist will likely already have an impressive collection of issues of Colouring Heaven (if they don’t, why not have a browse of our back issues?), so why not give them the ultimate colouring gift of a Colouring Heaven Plus subscription? That’s 13 new issues a year, featuring all new themes and artists they won’t have had the opportunity to colour yet!

The best bit is, we have a special Colouring Heaven Plus subscription offer running right now!

Prismacolor pencils

Prismacolor colouring pencils

These wax based colouring pencils are very popular with colourists, offering strong pigment and 150 bold colours in their largest set! Any colourist who hasn’t tried Prismacolor colouring pencils yet will definitely appreciate a set under their tree.

faber castell

Faber Castell Polychromos pencils

Faber Castell’s Polychromos colouring pencils are perhaps the most high-end pencils you can buy. They are excellent quality and very durable, oil-based and waterproof, wonderful to blend, and available in 120 colours. But they have a price tag to match – with a full set of 120 pencils costing around £288, and their cheaper tins of 12 around £28.

Staff top pick! Our marketing executive Hollie with a set of Black Widow Pencils

Black Widow pencils – Staff top pick!

The Black Widow pencil brand is growing in popularity, and at a fairly affordable price tag, we’re really impressed by the quality of these pencils. The only downside of these pencils is that you cannot currently buy all colours in one large set – each smaller set contains entirely unique colours, so choose carefully! We especially like their skin tone pencils, which cover both light and dark tones.

Black Widow’s Dragon pencil set are our Marketing Executive Hollie’s favourite pencils to use when colouring!

Castle Arts colouring pencils

Castle Arts colouring pencils

Another very popular choice among colourists is the Castle Art colouring pencils. This brand of pencils are professional quality and lovely to use, and relatively affordable (often discounted) at just £70 for a full set of their standard pencils.

The brand recently introduced a premium range of Castle Arts Gold pencils, an oil-based pencil to compliment their original wax-based range. These pencils are a little more expensive but if you know someone who loves the brand, they might like to give them a try!

Chromaflow Derwent pencils

Derwent National Trust colouring pencils

For something new and a bit different, take a look at the new range of Derwent pencils, created in collaboration with the National Trust to support river conservation in the UK. We love the look of the Chromaflow and watercolour pencil sets, and we wouldn’t mind giving the pastel pencils a go too!

Copic markers

Copic markers

Widely recognised as the most professional and premium choice of alcohol pens on the market, Copic markers are available to buy in an incredible variety of colours. These long-lasting, extra high quality pens are an absolute dream for any colourist who enjoys colouring with markers. But be warned – coming in at around £10 a pen, they’re definitely not cheap!

Ohuhu markers

Ohuhu markers

Ohuhu markers are another very popular choice for colourists. Another alcohol-based marker, they are available to buy in cost-effective bundles – although they may seem to have eye-watering price tags at first, you get a lot of pens for your pennies with this brand, and the quality is fantastic.

Clip on desk lamp

Clip on task lamp

If you’re read our article about must-have colouring supplies, you’ll know how brilliant and handy a clip on light can be! Offering high quality lighting wherever you go, this versatile product varies widely in price, size and quality, so adjust accordingly depending on your preference.

Drafting brush

Artist drafting brush

Colouring can be a little bit messy at times, especially if you’re using pencils and an eraser. A drafting brush allows you to quickly remove any debris without smudging your colouring – we like this drafting brush from Jackson’s.

Pencil extenders

Another one from our must-have colouring supplies, a pencil extender makes all the difference for a pencil that’s nearing the end of its life. No need to throw them away, just make use of these handy pencil extenders from Derwent, and keep colouring!

Sakura battery eraser

Sakura battery eraser

Finally, a high-quality battery eraser will make any colourist’s life easier, making the process of removing pigment easier and more controlled. Battery-powered erasers open up a whole world of new techniques for erasing and colouring.

Gifts for mindfulness & mental health

Colouring gifts for mental health and mindfulness

Colouring gifts are a great choice for anyone interested in improving their mental health, mindfulness and well-being, as colouring can have such wonderful benefits for mental health. All of the wonderful gifts in this colouring Christmas gift guide would be great gifts to encourage good mental health, but here’s a few mindfulness favourites from the Colouring Heaven team!

Colouring Heaven Junior Care Bears

Colouring Heaven Junior Care Bears™ Unlock the Magic

Designed to be relaxing and easy to colour, and full of inspiring and uplifting Care Bears™ designs from the new animated series, our Care Bears™ Unlock the Magic issue is a great choice for anyone wanting to focus on their mental health, mindfulness and well-being.

Colouring Heaven Collection Mandalas

Colouring Heaven Collection Mandalas issue

Mandala colouring is wonderful for your mental health, as the gently repetitive patterns are perfect for de-stressing and unwinding. So we also recommend our original Mandalas issue, featuring 48 mesmirising designs inspired by nature.

Be kind to your mind colouring pencil case

Motivational pencil case

A pretty and practical reminder to “be kind to your mind”, this pencil case from Inky in the Wild on Etsy has a sturdy zip and removable wrist strap. The soft touch vinyl design will be an uplifting reminder for anyone who struggles with their mental health.

Gifts for animal lovers

Colouring gifts for animal lovers

We have some fantastic animal themed issues of Colouring Heaven that any animal lover will love! Combine with an adorable animal inspired pencil case for the ultimate colouring gift for animal lovers.

Colouring Heaven Presents Cats Compendium

Colouring Heaven Presents Cats Compendium

Cats are a firm favourite here at Colouring Heaven, and this Cats Compendium issue is the ultimate roundup of all our favourite feline designs! If your animal lover is a fan of cats, they will absolutely adore this purr-fect issue.

Colouring Heaven Collection Pets Rock

Colouring Heaven Collection Pets Rock™

Combine animals with celebrities – and 48 exclusive colouring designs – with this delightful Pets Rock™ issue! Bring a smile to their face and have fun figuring out which design is inspired by which famous face…

Colouring Heaven Collection Endangered Animals

Colouring Heaven Collection Endangered Animals

This Endangered Animals issue is full of gorgeous realism animal designs by Tim Jeffs. All your favourite animals in stunning detail, and a touch of greyscale to bring them to life! We have a brilliant article about how to colour greyscale pages which makes a great companion to this issue.

Animal pencil cases

Bear face pencil case

A beary cute pencil case design perfect for animal lovers! Choose from a range of designs and colours and help them keep their colouring supplies organised in style. Great for grown ups and kids!

Gifts for travel lovers

Colouring gifts for travel lovers

For anyone obsessed with travel, colouring can be a great activity for long plane journeys and sunny days on the beach! We have some great gift ideas for people who love travelling in our colouring Christmas gift guide.

Colouring Heaven Collection Legends of Japan

Colouring Heaven Collection Legends of Japan

Experience the beauty of Japan, with our Legends of Japan issue, inspired by the folklore of Japan. These romantic light greyscale designs will delight any travel lover, transporting them to Japan without even leaving their home!

Colouring Heaven Collection Ancient Egypt

Colouring Heaven Collection Ancient Egypt

Take a trip back in time and across the world with our stunning Ancient Egypt issue. This issue brings to life all aspects of Ancient Egypt, and each colouring page is accompanied by educational titles and captions.

British Isles colouring page poster


Colouring Heaven British Isles poster

For something closer to home, this incredibly detailed A1 colouring poster is a beautiful gift for anyone who enjoys travelling and colouring. Printed on quality 250gsm card stock for a lovely colouring experience, and perfect to hang on a wall when completed!

Colour in world map tote bag

Colour & carry world map tote bag

Practical and a lot of fun, anyone will love colouring this world map tote bag! Colour to your heart’s content and proudly carry with you wherever you go. For a fun twist, the bag is supplied with wash-out pencils – so when you’re ready for something new, simply wash and re-colour!

World map colour in mug

World map colour in mug

Another colourable world map product, we really love this charming mug from Trouvaille. Colour for fun or fill in the countries you’ve visited for an extra fun element! The ink can be baked in the oven for colours that won’t fade in the microwave or dishwasher.

Gifts for the colouring obsessed

Colouring gifts for the colouring obsessed!

Any colouring Christmas gift guide has to consider the colourist who has everything, right?

We all know someone who is absolutely obsessed with colouring, and for this person, we have some really fun novelty gift ideas to really delight and surprise them. Don’t forget to have a quick browse of issues of Colouring Heaven, as anyone colouring obsessed will love our amazing selection of back issues!

Colouring pencil earrings

Colour pencil earrings

The definition of a unique gift idea, we love these charming earrings from Huiyi Tan on Not On the High Street. These earrings are made from real colouring pencils, carefully treated for the jewellery making process. Choose your colourist’s favourite colour for a personal touch!

Chocolate stationery set

Chocolate stationery box

The only thing better than a box of beautiful stationery products? A chocolate one! Featuring a fountain pen, a pencil (with marshmallow for an eraser, of course), three crayons, a pencil sharpeners and a pair of scissors, this chocolate stationery box from Choc On Choc is sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who enjoys crafting or colouring.

Pencil sharpener necklace

Pencil sharpening gift

We are blown away by the beauty and simplicity of this necklace from Francesca Rossi on Not On The High Street. Although designed as a gift for pencils, we think this product has potential as a gift for colouring enthusiasts as well!

Colour in wrapping products

Colourable wrapping products

So you’ve finished shopping from our colouring Christmas gift guide. Now its time to get everything wrapped up and beautifully presented to be placed under a Christmas tree! Why not give your wrapping a fun colouring themed with these colourable wrapping products?

FREE colouring page - Colour in Christmas tags digital download

Colour in Christmas gift tags

Free to download and colour now, we’ve created these cute colour in Christmas gift tags, to add that special touch to your Christmas wrapping! Print this Christmas gift tag design at home, on your choice of paper, then use the guidelines to transform your colouring page into your very own coloured gift tags!

colour in Christmas card

Colour in Christmas card

Whether you want to keep the kids entertained in the lead up to Christmas, or you’d like to give cards with an extra personal touch this year, colouring your own Christmas cards is a relaxing and enjoyable activity for the whole family!

Colour in wrapping paper

Christmas bauble gift wrap

This simple but versatile wrapping paper print is perfect for the kids – pick a colour scheme and go wild bringing these baubles to life! Another brilliant activity for kids, this print has a lovely retro hand-drawn feel, and also includes gift tags.

Colour in wrapping paper

Recycled colour in wrapping paper (4m)

For a more detailed and challenging design, on recycled and recyclable paper, take a look at this wrapping paper from WHSmith. Take a break from the busy festive period and enjoy colouring this lovely Christmas design.

Colour in ribbon

Colour in ribbon

Plum Bowtique’s colourable fabric ribbon features in our gift guide again this year because we just can’t get enough! Colour with textile pencils or markers, and secure the colours by iconic according to instructions, for the perfect finishing touch to a colouring gift.

Colouring Christmas gift guide - Free colouring pages and resources

Free colouring pages and resources for everyone

The Colouring Heaven website is full of amazing resources for colourists of all ages! And while these digital resources won’t necessarily have a place under your Christmas tree, they are amazing and helpful freebies for anyone who enjoys colouring. Why not print off some of these resources and add them to your colouring gift bundles?

We have a really wide range of free colouring pages that can be downloaded and printed at home. (Please note these pages are only free for personal use.)

You can also download and use our range of free colouring charts, try one of our colour palette challenges, or browse our gallery of gorgeous colouring pages for inspiration from different issues of Colouring Heaven.

We hope you enjoyed this ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide, full of colouring gift ideas for kids, teenagers and adults, and a wide range of skill sets and interests. Check out previously published issues of Colouring Heaven to find lots of other colouring gift ideas!

PS Don’t miss your chance to get 25% off all back issues of Colouring Heaven this Christmas!

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