The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide!

Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about gifts for those special people in your life. Here at Colouring Heaven, the world’s best-selling colouring magazine brand, we believe colouring is for everyone – so we’ve put together this ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide!

We’ve curated all the best colouring magazines, products and merchandise for all skills and ages. We’ve even put together some themed gift ideas, so you can find the perfect present whether your special someone is into animals, food, travel or fantasy! Of course, we’ve also thought of the ultimate bundle of goodies for the colouring obsessed. And we’ve even found some colourable wrapping products so you can quite literally wrap up the festive season in style.

Alternatively, you can send this gift guide to your friends and family if they need some subtle (or not so subtle) hints for what to pop under your tree this year – Christmas wish list sorted!

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Colouring gifts for all skill sets

We really do believe that colouring is for everyone, whether you’re a complete newbie, or a seasoned expert. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that colouring is a fun and enjoyable activity, regardless of what materials and techniques you’re using.

With this in mind, we wanted to start off our ultimate colouring gift guide with some Colouring Heaven recommendations for different skill sets and levels of expertise.

Gifts for a beginner colourist

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide colouring gifts for beginners Colouring Heaven

For colouring newbies, it’s best to keep things simple and start with designs that are fun, versatile and full of opportunity for learning and experimentation!

1 – We recommend our Colouring Heaven Junior Unicorn Tea Party. This gorgeous issue features 24 colouring designs including unicorns, mermaids, fairies and dragons by Selina Fenech! This is a nice and gentle introduction to colouring.

2 – Be sure to take a look at our Colouring Heaven Fairy Stories Special for Fabiana Attanasio’s interpretation of all your favourite fairy tale princesses and wicked witches. Perfect for experimenting with skin tones!

Gifts for an intermediate colourist

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide colouring gifts for intermediate Colouring Heaven

For those colouring lovers who are still learning and expanding their skill sets, it’s time for a bit of a challenge! Practice makes perfect, and these issues are full of beautiful pages that will ease the process.

1 – The Colouring Heaven Collection Chibi issue is full of super cute artwork by Jash Lee. These anime-style designs combine adorable characters with beautifully detailed scenes for that perfect challenge for an intermediate colourist!

2 – Our Colouring Heaven 2022 calendar features 13 new and exclusive designs from some of the world’s top artists! Great for experimenting with lots of different styles and perfecting your skin tone colouring.

Gifts for an expert colourist

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide colouring gifts for experts Colouring Heaven

Ah yes, the colouring expert! They know all the techniques, they’ve watched all the tutorials, their colouring supply cupboard puts our collections to shame. They’re looking for the perfect opportunity to apply their amazing and deeply developed skills!

1 – Colouring Heaven Collection Endangered Animals is a gorgeous issue for a colouring enthusiast. It’s full of incredibly detailed and realistic animal designs by Tim Jeff. With the added challenge of realism, any expert will love this issue.

2 and 3 – For something more creative, try our Colouring Heaven Presents Mermaids Compendium, or our Colouring Heaven Fairies in Nature Special. Both issues feature lots of portraits – from hair, to eyes, to skin, figures are ideal for flexing your colouring muscles!

Colouring gifts for all ages

While colouring is traditionally an activity for children, we believe that anyone can enjoy colouring, whether you’re 5 or 55. Colouring can have so many incredible benefits for your mental health, so we strongly believe teens and adults can enjoy it too.

Gift ideas for babies (aged 0 to 3)

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide colouring gifts for babies Colouring Heaven

For children up to the age of 3, colouring is all about having fun! There’s no need to colour in between the lines, just grab some crayons and go wild.

1 – Our Colouring Heaven Junior Cute Baby Animal issue features 24 cute baby animal colouring designs from Lika Lendel. Little kids will love this adorable issue!

2 – What child doesn’t love Aardman Animations’ Shaun the Sheep? Gift them our Colouring Heaven Collection Shaun the Sheep issue to see smiles all round.

3 – While we probably don’t recommend splashing out on expensive colouring supplies for children of this age, these personalised name crayons from ElloriaCrayons on Etsy make a really lovely colouring gift!

4 – Take a look at this amazing giant colouring sheet from LeeluEtsyShop. Children can have this whole space to scribble, which cleverly avoids crayons on the floor or table!

Gift ideas for toddlers (aged 3 – 5)

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide colouring gifts for toddlers Colouring Heaven

At this age, children are starting to think about their colouring more carefully. Fuel their creativity and concentration with slightly more challenging pages that are still fun!

1 – We recommend our Colouring Heaven Junior Unicorn Tea Party – this gorgeous issue features 24 colouring designs including unicorns, mermaids, fairies and dragons by Selina Fenech!

2 – Our Colouring Heaven Collection Santoro Gorjuss issue is filled with designs by the popular Santoro Gorjuss™ brand. Instantly recognisable characters and adorable colouring pages!

3 – For something a bit different, check out the colouring playhouse range from Hobbycraft. Is there anything more fun than building your own playhouse and colouring it? Sure to keep the little ones busy for hours!

4 – At this age, we still recommend keeping it simple with felt tips and crayons, but children will adore this personalised crayon holder from HartWoodUK on Etsy. Pair with a set of Crayola pencils for a winning combination!

Gift ideas for children (aged 5 – 13)

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide colouring gifts for children Colouring Heaven

Kids will continue to enjoy colouring throughout their childhood, so keep that creativity going with lots of fun projects and colouring opportunities.

1 – Colouring Heaven Junior Fairies & Friends features 24 colouring designs by Molly Harrison of fairies and their animal friends, including lady bugs, dragonflies, owls, bumble bees and so much more.

2 – Care Bears™ are just as popular now as they were when we were kids! This Colouring Heaven Collection Care Bears issue includes 48 exclusive Care Bears™ designs.

3 – For something a bit different, try this crafty unicorn kit from WhiskerWorks on Etsy. Little DIY kits like this are great for keeping children engaged in a creative activity, and you can slowly increase the difficulty as they get older.

4 – Pair these special issues of Colouring Heaven with a set of glitter colouring pencils from WHSmith. What child doesn’t love a bit of glitter?

Gift ideas for teenagers (aged 13 and over)

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide colouring gifts for teenagers or students Colouring Heaven

Coax your busy teenager into some downtime (that doesn’t involve the TV!) with these gift ideas for children aged 13 and over. Keep them engaged with fun colouring projects that align with their interests!

1 – Is your teen a fan of fantasy? They’ll love our Colouring Heaven Presents Dragons Compendium, featuring all the best fire-breathing dragon designs from sold out issues!

2 – The beautiful designs and uplifting quotes from our Colouring Heaven Collection Inspirational Quotes issue provide some encouraging and cheerful colouring pages for teenagers.

3 – Keep things simple with a classic set of Crayola Super Tips. These pens are popular for a reason – they’re long-lasting and easy to use, and don’t provide as much of a challenge as colouring pencils.

4 – If you know a teenager who loves being creative and wants a challenge, grab them a set of Castle Arts watercolour brush pens. It will take some practice and learning to use them but the results will be worth it!

Gift ideas for adults

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide colouring gifts for grown ups or adults Colouring Heaven

Adults can enjoy colouring too, but you might want to pick issues that are more challenging and detailed if you’re gifting for grown ups! You might consider splashing the cash a bit here with some top quality colouring supplies too.

1 – Colouring Heaven Fantasy Figures Special is one of our most popular issues. Maud Lamoine’s illustrations create an escape to magical worlds – featuring elves, animals, shaman, steampunk, mystic and exotic characters!

2 – For that special festive touch, grab a copy of our new Colouring Heaven Christmas Special issue. They’ll love colouring these pages while waiting for Christmas dinner, enjoying a festive film, or snuggling up with a hot chocolate.

3 – Our Colouring Heaven 2022 calendar features 13 new and exclusive designs from some of the world’s top artists! Great for experimenting with lots of different styles, and doubles up as a very practical gift for the New Year.

4 – A blender can make a world of difference for the more seasoned colourist. It will help the colours blend together more easily and result in even more gorgeous colouring pages! We recommend this Derwent blender from Jackson’s, but you might need a different blender depending on their favourite materials to colour with.

5 – There are so many amazing colouring pencils to choose from, and it’s up to you whether you go cheap and cheerful, or pick something more pricey. For a medium option, we love the Noris Colouring Pencils from WHSmith.

Gift ideas for the elderly

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide colouring gifts for elderly old people grandparents Colouring Heaven

Looking for gifts for the grandparents? Colouring can be a lovely activity for older folk and senior citizens, as it is calming, relaxing and accessible. It can also really benefit those who suffer from dementia, as it has such an incredibly positive impact on our mental health.

1 – Our Colouring Heaven Collection Holly Hobbie issue is sure to spark a touch of nostalgia in the older generation, and is full of really pretty pictures for easy colouring!

2 – If your special someone can’t get enough of shows like The Great British Bake Off, they’ll love our Colouring Heaven Collection Food issue, which features 48 yummy designs inspired by food and even has some designs from Tom Hovey the illustrator for The Great British Bake Off!

3 – Combine a classic wordsearch puzzle with some lighthearted colouring, in this Charming Wordsearch paperback from WHSmith.

4 – Buying top quality colouring supplies may not be a priority, but it’s always nice to provide a wide range of colours. This mega pack of 75 colouring pens from WHSmith will fit the bill!

5 – For a charming colouring project with a practical element, why not gift these colourable cards from HelloLoveli on Etsy? Retired folk will enjoy colouring these designs, then sending them out to people on special occasions.

Colouring gifts for all interests

The amazing thing about colouring is that it’s so versatile – you can find a colouring gift for anyone, no matter what they’re into! At Colouring Heaven, we’ve published countless issues covering a wide range of themes. We’ve put together these handy themed gift guides for different interests and passions.

Gift ideas for animal lovers

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide colouring gifts for animal lovers Colouring Heaven

Who doesn’t love animals? At Colouring Heaven, we have so many amazing issues for animal lovers, it’s hard to just pick three!

1 – Dogs are always a popular choice, and our Colouring Heaven Collection Dogs 2020 issue is packed full of adorable artwork paw-fect for dog lovers!

2 – Colouring Heaven Collection Endangered Animals is a gorgeous issue for a colouring enthusiast. It’s full of incredibly detailed and realistic animal designs by Tim Jeff.

3 – To go with a bumper bundle of animal issues of Colouring Heaven, order this Wild Tropique animal print pencil case to keep those pencils stored in style.

4 – Our recent Colouring Heaven Collection Horses issue combines beautifully observed drawings of Cindy El Sharouni with detailed designs from Deena Stone. This is the perfect issue for the horse obsessed!

Gift ideas for organisation enthusiasts

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide colouring gifts for organised people Colouring Heaven

You know the one – always has at least one notebook to hand, their calendar is covered in notes, and they have an organisation system for everything from spices to, well, colouring books!

1 – This organisation box from Ryman is bigger than A4, making it perfect for storing issues of Colouring Heaven and other colouring supplies.

2 – Our Colouring Heaven 2022 calendar features 13 new and exclusive designs from some of the world’s top artists! Great for experimenting with lots of different styles, and staying organised, of course!

3 – This may look like just a tote bag, but it’s so much more! With extra strong sleeves and lots of pockets inside for your phone, water bottles and keys, this is the tote bag of dreams from indie business Sighh Studio.

4 – Another notebook to add to their growing collection from Selina Fenech’s gorgeous fantasy notebook range!

5 – Help them keep their colouring pencils organised with this innovative pencil holder from Mariola Budek on Etsy.

Gift ideas for mindfulness and relaxation

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide colouring gift for mindfulness relaxation mental health Colouring Heaven

Colouring is well known for its ability to encourage mindfulness, relaxation and rest. Put together a mindfulness bundle with these products.

1 – Start off with a relaxation box from PandTTreats on Etsy. This box includes colouring pencils, tea and coffee, biscuits, a chocolate bar and a colouring book for the ultimate mindful moment.

2 – Our Colouring Heaven Collection Mandalas features 48 mandala designs with a twist by our very own Honey Debney! Perfect for encouraging relaxation.

3 – Grab a copy of our sister magazine Dot 2 Dot, which includes fun dot-to-dot puzzles from a different theme each issue.

Gift ideas for fantasy fanatics

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide colouring gift for fantasy lovers Colouring Heaven

Our core Colouring Heaven magazines are all fantasy-themed, so there are multiple issues that will go down well with fantasy fanatics!

1 – Colouring Heaven Presents Dragons Compendium features all the best fire-breathing dragon designs from sold out issues!

2 – Similarly, grab a copy of Colouring Heaven Presents Mermaids Compendium for all the best under the sea mermaid designs from sold out issues.

3 – For a little extra goodie, order a personalised initial keyring from TheCharmCastle on Etsy. This goes perfectly with our Dragons Compendium issue!

4 – Colouring Heaven Unicorns Special includes exclusive designs of regal unicorns from Heather R. Hitchman, wonderfully detailed designs by Selina Fenech, and a mixture of cute and melancholy unicorns by White Stag.

5 – Then order a rainbow unicorn bookmark from IngrainedInc on Etsy to go with our Unicorns Special issue! Exactly what you need for keeping your colouring magazines nicely organised.

Gift ideas for travel lovers

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide colouring gifts for travel lovers travellers Colouring Heaven

For anyone obsessed with travel, colouring can be a great activity for long plane journeys and sunny days on the beach! We have some great ideas for people who love travelling.

1 – Grab a copy of Colouring Heaven Collection Australia for a taste of life down under! Full of Australian designs inspired by the native flora and fauna.

2 – The world is a beautiful and diverse place, filled with various ethnicities and vibrant cultures. You will find many of these represented in the pages of our international Colouring Heaven Collection Women of the World issue.

3 – A colourable world globe is the ultimate gift for a travel lover! We love this one from WHSmith.

4 – To match your world globe, grab a copy of our Colouring Heaven British Isles poster. It’s A1 in size so will make an impact on any wall!

5 – Finish off the travelling collection with a colour-in world canvas from Hobbycraft. This bundle is sure to keep them busy!

Gift ideas for foodies

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide colouring gifts for food lovers and foodies Colouring Heaven

Food and colouring may not be a natural pairing, but we have some brilliant colouring gift ideas for the food fans in your life!

1 – The ultimate foodie needs the ultimate food themed issue of Colouring Heaven! Colouring Heaven Collection Food features 48 yummy designs inspired by food.

2 – This humorous print from MrWatsonDesign on Etsy is inspired by a colouring chart – with a foodie twist!

3 – As well as being a clever little nod to the food theme, this pencil case from NishasPretties on Etsy can actually be coloured in! Grab a few textile pens to go with this gift.

4 – We love these edible colouring pencils from Choc on Choc. They’re 100% chocolate with a tiny marshmallow on the end to represent the rubber at the end of a pencil!

5 – This colour-in cookie box from AshtonConfectionery on Etsy includes a pack of edible ink pens, one large cookie and four smaller cookies featuring fun pattern designs. Yummy and creative!

Gift ideas for gothic lovers

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide colouring gifts for gothic lovers and halloween Colouring Heaven

Do you know someone who always looks forward to Halloween every year? Do they love all things gothic, scary and mysterious? There are so many fantastic colouring gift opportunities for them!

1 – Colouring Heaven Presents Gothic Compendium features all our best gothic artwork from previously sold out issues!

2 – Similarly, Colouring Heaven Creatures of the Night Special features 40 exclusive dark and gothic designs from German artist Sarah Richter.

3 – Featuring designs from no fewer than twelve colouring artists, our recent Colouring Heaven Halloween Special is the perfect gift for lovers of the gothic! Did we mention it features designs by the gothic queen – Enys Guerrero?

4 – This pack of 12 tarot cards from ArtBySophieWhite on Etsy is entirely colourable! Each card is beautifully printed, ready to be painted and coloured.

Gifts for the colouring obsessed

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide gifts for the colouring obsessed Colouring Heaven

Let’s explore options for the friend who is utterly colouring obsessed – hands up if that’s you! You can really push the boat out here and get some fantastic products safe in the knowledge that your colouring crazy friend will love these gifts.

1 – The colouring challenge in our Colouring Heaven Collection Inktober 2020 issue is ideal for colouring enthusiasts, as it gives them lots of ideas for how to experiment with their colouring pages!

2 – Grab a copy of our NEW Colouring Heaven Presents 2022 Annual for a roundup of all our favourite designs from 2021! This issue is packed full of gorgeous pages from previous issues of Colouring Heaven, including sold out issues, and even a few extra special designs from an issue yet to be released. A must-have for colouring fans!

3 – Our Colouring Heaven 2022 calendar features 13 new and exclusive designs from some of the world’s top artists! Great for experimenting with lots of different styles.

4 – Eat, sleep, colour is definitely our mantra here at Colouring Heaven! We love this mug from SpringMillArtDesigns on Etsy.

5 – The ultimate colouring gift – the 120 piece colouring pencil set from Castle Arts! If your colouring obsessed pal doesn’t own this yet, we can guarantee squeals of uncontrollable excitement upon unwrapping this colouring treasure!

Colouring products for wrapping all your gifts!

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide colouring wrapping ideas Colouring Heaven

So you’ve bought your gifts and now you’ve got to the fun bit – wrapping! Why not add a colouring twist to your wrapping this year? This is an extra good idea if you have children you want to involve in the wrapping process.

1 – This pack of 6 colour-in Christmas cards from WallflowerWondersUK on Etsy are printed on high quality matte card – perfect for colouring!

2 – Wrap your Christmas presents with this colour-in wrapping paper from WHSmith, then get your colouring pencils out and add some colour.

3 – The Range sells these lovely colourable gift tags for the finishing touch on all your Christmas gifts.

4 – Finally, tie it all together with this colour-in ribbon from PlumBowtique on Etsy! Simply grab some fabric pens or pencils and colour in this beautiful design.

Free colouring pages and resources

The ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide colouring gift freebies free colouring pages colour palettes colour charts and example pages Colouring Heaven

The Colouring Heaven website is full of amazing resources for our colourists! And while these digital resources won’t necessarily have a place under your Christmas tree, they are amazing freebies for anyone who enjoys colouring. Why not print off some of these resources and add them to your colouring gift bundles?

1 – We have lots of free colouring pages which can be downloaded for free here! These freebie pages cover a wide variety of designs including quotes, animals, figures and flowers. Just pop in your email and download to your heart’s content! (Please note these pages are only free for personal use.)

2 – Download our free colouring charts to experiment with shading and mixing colours. They can be found on our website here.

3 – You can also find a gallery of gorgeous colouring pages from different issues on our website. This is great for figuring out what issue you want to order next, or getting some inspiration for your pages!

4 – Looking for a challenge? Take on one of our colour palette challenges. This is a fun twist to do with your next colouring page!


We hope this ultimate colouring Christmas gift guide has given you tons of inspiration for Christmas gift ideas! Whether you’re buying for a colouring beginner or an experienced enthusiast, a young child or a retired grandparent, this roundup has something for everyone.

Some of these products might be popular, but don’t be put off if they’re sold out or unavailable. With a bit of internet browsing, you might be able to find a similar product elsewhere. Or maybe you can use our suggestions to brainstorm some new ideas! Hopefully we’ve demonstrated how versatile, unique and fun colouring gifts can be.

Share this article with your friends and family for your own Christmas wish list, and take a look at our shop to browse all the previous issues of Colouring Heaven available to buy now!

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