Update: Black Widow 48pc pencil set

Black Widow have been set to release a new 48pc pencil set for months, with various delays getting in the way of their release. We have now had another update which states that the pencils are set to finally be released by the end of July.

The pencils are currently being packed for shipping to Amazon which means they are due to be available to purchase by the end of July. It is anticipated that Amazon US will receive the pencils first with the UK shortly following. Australia is set to receive the pencils in around four weeks time with Canada taking the longest. They are set to receive the pencils last (around mid August) as there have been numerous delays surrounding Canada’s customs.

We are to expect a photo of the new set shortly, which has been highly anticipated. The official photographer has been sent the pencils and the photos should be released in around two weeks time.

Black Widow have thanked everyone for their patience whilst they have worked to release this pencil set.

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