Welcome in the Craft-mas season with The Works Christmas crafting guide

Christmas is coming and it’s never too soon to start the preparations and planning, and after so many months spent apart from friends and loved ones, we think even the parties should start earlier this year too! So, why not get into the festive spirit NOW? Gather together some friends and have fun preparing for the holiday season with some creative Christmas crafting!

Christmas craft kit sales have shot up up by 350% in the last 90 days, so the UK’s leading family-friendly retailer, The Works, has pulled together some great ‘craft-mas’ ideas so you can get into the spirit too!

Make your own Christmas cards


Hey, wait a minute Mr. Postman – Crafty Christmas Cards

Gather your family, put the kettle on and break out the biscuit tin – it’s all about making the post well worth waiting for by DIYing your 2021 Christmas cards (but don’t let your kids see too much so their surprise isn’t spoiled!) Pile the kitchen table high with glitters, paints and stickers and spend some quality time together while you craft up a card-storm! The festive-coloured Create-Your-Own Red and Green Greeting Cards (£3 for 20) are a great blank canvas to start from, it’s then just a case of how creative you want to be?

Make a statement with Christmas Sentiment Glitter Stickers (£3) in red, gold or silver or write your own message in a colour of your choice with the 10-pack of Scribblicious Glitter Gel Pens (£2).

Use the 4-piece Snowflake Metal Die Set (£4) to cut out perfect patterns from the a festive paper pad or trace around them with the glitter pens or, better still, go 3D with Christmas EVA Foam Stickers (£1) and see them really stand out in your designs! Friends and family alike will love the personalised touch when they receive their piece of art in their postbox this festive season.

Make your own Christmas bauble

Be Baubalicious Baby – Homemade Baubles

Kids love Christmas and while you may not like them ‘helping’ to decorate your hotel-lobby-designer-worthy tree, they can’t wait to join in! So, what better way to get your craft on than creating homemade baubles with the kids?!  They’re sure to add a personal touch to your tree this year and making them will keep santa’s little helpers entertained too – win, win! With Fillable Baubles (£2.50) creating personalised decorations is fun AND affordable!

Now for the fun part… Bauble filling! Glitter Pom Poms (£1) or Coloured Jingle Bells (£2) look great inside a bauble and the latter won’t make too much noise if contained! Red Decorative Shred (£1.50) is an effective festive filler, as is Red Glitter (£5). Make sure to paint inside your bauble with some glue and then they can sprinkle the glitter without wasting a whole pot!

Encourage the kids to write names or messages on the outsides with Sharpie Metallic Permanent Marker Pens (£5) which are ideal for hard surfaces. Your Christmas crafting baubles can then go straight on your tree, or even better, send them to friends and family as a unique, homemade gift from the kids!

Make your own Christmas Eve Box

T’was the night before Christmas – Christmas Eve Boxes

Did you know that the latest festive trend is to gift Christmas eve boxes? This ‘night before Christmas’ treat has increased in popularity by over 2000% in Google searches in the last 90 days, so why not hop on the trend yourself by creating your own personalized box?! Creating your festive box has never been so magical, as yours will be meaningful both inside and out – as you put your decorative skills to the test and fill your box with toys, books, art supplies, and more!

Gather friends’ round for catch-up and drinks whilst you ponder over perfect presents to put into the finished box while you decorate away. A Large Wooden Box (£4) with a metal clasp will keep possessions safe and is calling out for creativity! Red Readymix Paint (£1) is a good option as a base (and allows extra chatting/wine time while it dries!).

Next, to personalise your box,  we like the Red and Green Wooden Letter Tiles (£3) for a classic gift look. And with 200 letters in the bundle, you’ll even have enough for a Christmas message! Finally add some decoration – the Wooden Embellishments Box (£2) has 45 wooden shapes which can be painted or left natural. Glittery Christmas Ribbon (£1.50) adds some sophistication and texture and finish off with some Silver Christmas Bows (£2).

The gift (tag) that keeps on giving – Personalised Tags

Along with your Christmas cards, handmade gift-tags are a nice way to show you really care and again, making them with friends can be a fun too!

DAS White Modelling Clay (£4) is great for making gift-tags. It’s air-drying so no need for a kiln or oven, and with 1kg of it you should have enough clay for tags for everyone on your Christmas list!

Once dry, decorate the tags – we like the idea of just painting names and patterns on them so the recipient can keep it hanging around the house year-round reminding them how thoughtful you are. What’s more, you can get the kids involved and help them come up with their own creations for their friends.

Make your own Christmas gifts

A first time for everything – Meaningful Gifts

Now you’re really on a craft-roll, how about trying your hand at actual proper presents! Have a friend or family member that’s recently had a baby? A Deep Box Frame (£6) can be filled with precious pictures or baby mementoes to celebrate Baby’s First Christmas. Cover the inside back of the 20cm x 20cm frame with patterned paper and then add a sneakily snapped photo of the little one. Add the date of birth with White Wooden Numbers (£2) and baby’s name with White Wooden Letters (£3) and, in a final nod to Christmas, add some Felt Holly Embellishments (£2) to the outer frame.

Make your own Christmas wreath

Work it, Baby!

With all these crafting parties and people dropping by over Christmas, don’t neglect your front door! Outdoor Christmas Decoration is just as important and with Google searches up by 300% in the last 90 days, it is something people are paying close attention to this year!

Make your front door work at welcoming one and all with a resplendent reindeer wreath made from Pom Poms (£1) – after all, this is the first impression your guests will have when visiting your temporary Christmas Grotto! 

Using Bonus DK Fox Yarn (£1.85) put your craft skills to the ultimate test and be the talk of the town! Cut out a circle of cardboard, the size you want your finished wreath to be. Then start making a number of large pom poms – enough to chain together and cover the cardboard. Next add a Red Pom Pom (£1) “nose” to each pom pom on the wreath and fasten Gold Glitter Wooden Reindeer Embellishments (£2) onto the card, behind each large pom pom. Finally, your furry friends need Wiggly Eyes (£1) so they can see who’s coming and look out for Santa! Kids and adults alike will want to visit you even more if only to see your wonderful wreath!

With Christmas just around the corner, be inspired by The Works and put your crafting skills to good use! For more information on The Works and its must-have Christmas crafting essentials visit here.

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