What is the Colouring Heaven Colouring Club?

We’re delighted to bring you Colouring Heaven Plus! This is so much more than just a subscription to the magazine. Colouring Heaven Plus is membership to our community, with tons of additional benefits at no extra cost.

One of the benefits included in our membership that we would like to talk to you about today is the Colouring Heaven Colouring Club! Hosted once a month by our fantastic Publishing Assistant, Honey, this is an online space for us to come together wherever you are in the world to take part in live, online colour-alongs and special events.

A club exclusively for our Colouring Heaven Plus members, get the chance to chat to your fellow colourists from the Colouring Heaven community. This is a lot more interactive than watching livestream colour-alongs and now you can feel like you’re sat in the same room as us all. Colour-alongs just got a whole lot better!

Join us today and you’ll get exclusive access to our colour-alongs, access to our Discovery Club, brilliant discounts on past issues and specials and free sneak peeks and exclusive designs, as well as each new issue of Colouring Heaven sent direct to you.

We can’t wait for you to join us!

P.S. Even more benefits to be added soon, so make sure you sign up now!

We are always working hard here at Colouring Heaven HQ to make sure that we’re giving you the best and most valuable benefits as part of Colouring Heaven Pus. So after listening to your feedback, we decided to stop hosting our monthly Colouring Club.

We started up the Colouring Club during the pandemic, a very unpredictable time for all of us, as a way to bring people together and form connections. We’re so happy that our community came together and formed friendships, and that we got to meet so many of you at our monthly meeting! It was an amazing thing to witness and we loved every second.

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to attend the Colouring Club – whether due to work commitments, time differences, or lack of equipment, it wasn’t accessible to all our members. We wanted to change that, and make sure that our membership benefits can be enjoyed by everyone, wherever they are and whatever their schedule so we are putting our efforts into a brand new member benefit to replace the Colouring Heaven Colouring Club.

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