Why colouring needs to be your New Year’s resolution

2023 is nearly here, and we’re so excited to welcome in the New Year and start thinking about some positive changes we can make in our day to day lives! Some of us might want to eat better, some might want to exercise more. Or you might be focusing on prioritising rest and self-care this year. But today we’re here to argue the case for adding colouring to your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2023!

Colouring can be beneficial in so many ways, so why not give this mindful hobby a go this New Year?

Colouring is good for your mental health

As a hobby that encourages mindfulness, reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes the idea of being creative with no pressure or expectations, colouring is a wonderful way to help manage and improve your mental health. Many of our lovely colourists who struggle with their mental health find colouring extremely beneficial for taking a break, reducing mental health symptoms, and finding a friendly and supportive community online.

Colouring for your mental health? Our Colouring Heaven Collection Mandalas issue is a great place to start, as these repeated patterns are perfect for soothing a busy mind.

Colouring can be a form of self care

While the phrase self care can evoke visions of bubble baths and chocolate, we strongly believe that colouring can be an amazing form of self care. Quality time spent colouring can be relaxing, soothing and most importantly – fun! All self care should aim to reduce stress and improve your wellbeing, and colouring is an excellent way to do so.

For self care, why not pick up a bumper Presents issue of Colouring Heaven? These issues feature 48 of our favourite designs on a specific theme – from dragons, to witches, to mermaids or fairies!

Colouring will help you develop new skills

Learning a new skill is something many people will be adding to their 2022 New Year’s resolutions, so why not pick colouring as your skill of the year? There is so much to learn in the world of colouring – from how to blend beautifully and how to perfect the art of colouring skin tones, to learning how to integrate new materials and techniques into your colouring pages.

Want lots of helpful colouring tips? Take a look at the “how to colour” tutorials on our website, or ask for advice in our friendly Facebook community.

Colouring can be a fun project to work towards

Benefits to our mental health and wellbeing are so important, but at the end of the day, colouring is also so much fun! It’s the perfect way to stretch your creative muscles without feeling any pressure from work deadlines or high expectations. The lines are already on the page, so all you need to do is get your pencils out and have a lovely, relaxed time filling them in!

If you’re looking for some issues that are extra relaxing and easy to colour, we recommend taking a look at our Junior Quick & Easy Colouring issues – not just for little ones!

Colouring can help you meet new people and make friends

We might be biased, but we think our colouring community is one of the loveliest and most supportive creative communities out there! We welcome colourists from all over the world from all walks of life, and we love to see them share their pages in our Friends of Colouring Heaven Facebook group. This is a great place to meet new people, pick up colouring tips and tricks, and maybe even make a few friends!

How to get started with your New Year’s Resolution

If you agree that colouring deserves a spot on your New Year’s Resolution list this year, Colouring Heaven is the number one place to go for top quality colouring pages from artists all around the world, and amazing resources to help you develop your colouring skills!

We even have a FREE Beginner’s Guide to Colouring for you to print and colour at home, which includes lots of colouring advice as well as 12 beginner-friendly pages to get you started with your 2023 goals.

Free beginner's guide! Colouring Heaven Beginner's Guide to Colouring

All issues of Colouring Heaven have high quality paper perfect for colouring, single-sided designs to avoid bleed through, colourable front covers to really challenge your creativity, and designs from all the best colouring artists. Take a look at our single issues available to buy.

If you’re not sure yet and you just want to give colouring a go, you can also find over 50 free colouring pages available to download on our website.

For lots more colouring support and resources, take a look at our free colour charts, video tutorials, and gallery of gorgeous and inspiring colouring pictures from our dedicated colourists. 

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