Zoe Sadler launches brand new Patreon page

Zoe Sadler has officially launched her brand new Patreon page! There are six different tiers to subscribe to ranging from $2 a month to $85 a month each including their own set of perks.

Perks range from free colouring pages to exclusive colouring tutorials to printable calendar pages and more.

Zoe says she isĀ “creating a mixture of colouring-in sheets and full colour artwork which will hopefully eventually lead [her] to creating a book based on Ramona’s magical adventures.” She is thinking of her Patreon as “an online interactive storybook a bit like the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ or ‘Secret Path’ books”.

Check out Zoe’s Patreon page here.

Zoe was a featured artist in issue 54 of Colouring Heaven, one of our Halloween Specials! You can find out more about her and read her artist Q&A here.


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